Nazarene procession ought to be garbage-free


As devotees of the Black Nazarene flock to Quiapo Church for the daily Novena masses and the huge procession on January 9, a waste and pollution watchdog urged the people to make the religious feast garbage-free.

The EcoWaste Coalition on Saturday released a list of waste prevention and sanitation tips addressed to the devotees, vendors, and volunteers, as well as to the media crew who will cover the mammoth assembly.

“Ensuring a hygienic and litter-free fiesta projected to attract some 12 million people is a colossal task that will require extraordinary teamwork and solidarity,” said Tin Vergara, Zero Waste Campaigner of the EcoWaste Coalition.

“We therefore request one and all, especially the Black Nazarene devotees, to lend a hand and be part of the solution, not the problem,” she stressed.

Devotees are advised to throw away ciga-rette butts, chewed gum, and leftovers in the designated bins, and avoid spitting on walls or urinating in the streets. They are also urged to bring eco-bags for their meals and “pasalubongs” to cut on plastic waste.

Vendors are asked to bring their own sacks for their discards and sweep their areas after the procession.


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