NBA first-round playoff schedule after conclusion of the regular season on Wednesday (series best-of-seven)


Eastern Conference
Cleveland Cavaliers v Detroit Pistons
Sun April 17: Detroit at Cleveland
Wed April 20: Detroit at Cleveland
Fri April 22: Cleveland at Detroit
Sun April 24: Cleveland at Detroit
Tue April 26: Detroit at Cleveland (If necessary)
Thu April 28: Cleveland at Detroit (If necessary)
Sat April 30: Detroit at Cleveland (If necessary)

Toronto Raptors v Indiana Pacers
Sat April 16: Indiana at Toronto
Mon April 18: Indiana at Toronto
Thu April 21: Toronto at Indiana
Sat April 23: Toronto at Indiana
Tue April 26: Indiana at Toronto (If necessary)
Fri April 29: Toronto at Indiana (If necessary)
Sun May 1: Indiana at Toronto (If necessary)

Miami Heat v Charlotte Hornets
Sun April 17: Charlotte at Miami
Wed April 20: Charlotte at Miami
Sat April 23: Miami at Charlotte
Mon April 25: Miami at Charlotte
Wed April 27: Charlotte at Miami (If necessary)
Fri April 29: Miami at Charlotte (If necessary)
Sun May 1: Charlotte at Miami (If necessary)

Atlanta Hawks v Boston Celtics
Sat April 16: Boston at Atlanta
Tue April 19: Boston at Atlanta
Fri April 22: Atlanta at Boston
Sun April 24: Atlanta at Boston
Tue April 26: Boston at Atlanta (If necessary)
Thu April 28: Atlanta at Boston (If necessary)
Sat April 30: Boston at Atlanta (If necessary)

Western Conference
Golden State Warriors v Houston Rockets
Sat April 16: Houston at Golden State
Mon April 18: Houston at Golden State
Thu April 21: Golden State at Houston
Sun April 24: Golden State at Houston
Wed April 27: Houston at Golden State (If necessary)
Fri April 29: Golden State at Houston (If necessary)
Sun May 1: Houston at Golden State (If necessary)

San Antonio Spurs v Memphis Grizzlies
Sun April 17: Memphis at San Antonio
Tue April 19: Memphis at San Antonio
Fri April 22: San Antonio at Memphis
Sun April 24: San Antonio at Memphis
Tue April 26: Memphis at San Antonio (If necessary)
Thu April 28: San Antonio at Memphis (If necessary)
Sat April 30: Memphis at San Antonio (If necessary)

Oklahoma City Thunder v Dallas Mavericks
Sat April 16 Dallas at Oklahoma City
Mon April 18 Dallas at Oklahoma City
Thu April 21 Oklahoma City at Dallas
Sat April 23 Oklahoma City at Dallas
Mon April 25 Dallas at Oklahoma City (If necessary)
Thu April 28 Oklahoma City at Dallas (If necessary)
Sat April 30 Dallas at Oklahoma City (If necessary)

Los Angeles Clippers v Portland Trail Blazers
Sun April 17 Portland at L.A. Clippers
Wed April 20 Portland at L.A. Clippers
Sat April 23 L.A. Clippers at Portland
Mon April 25 L.A. Clippers at Portland
Wed April 27 Portland at L.A. Clippers (If necessary)
Fri April 29 L.A. Clippers at Portland (If necessary)
Sun May 1 Portland at L.A. Clippers (If necessary)



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