NBI and Taiwanese probers compared notes and corrected discrepancies


THE National Bureau of Investigation and Taiwanese probers conducting a parallel investigation over the death of Taiwanese fisherman along Balintang Channel after a standoff with Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) on May compared notes and corrected some discrepancies in their findings during a closed door meeting.

In a meeting with reporters, NBI Deputy Director Virgilio Mendez said that when the NBI team and the Taiwanese probers crosschecked their notes regarding the parallel investigation they found out that some minor discrepancies were found. He added that most of the discrepancies on the parallel probe were numbers.

Mendez said that the discrepancies in numbers were seen at the tally of the firearms surrendered by PCG that were used during the May 9 incident. He added that based on the notes of the Taiwanese said that there were about 22 firearms surrendered, this is different from the 15 guns surrendered to NBI. However, Mendez clarified that the Taiwanese made changes after examining some documents presented by the bureau and agreed that there were only 15 guns.

However, the Deputy Director said that they needed more time before coming up with a conclusion since they are still not done discussing the findings of the parallel investigation with their Taiwanese counterpart. He also added that they will not be giving any information regarding the findings since they are not authorized.



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