• NBI presents 10 suspects in P6-billion drug haul


    The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Tuesday presented to the media 10 suspects who had been arrested in San Juan City (Metro Manila) with 890 kilos of methamphetamine hydrochloride or shabu worth P6 billion.

    Three of the 10 suspects were Chinese while the rest were Filipino.

    Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd on Tuesday said the 890-kilo haul was the product of “Project Dragon,” a four-month operation that culminated last December 23.

    The project took off last September when NBI agents began monitoring a Chinese drug group led by a certain “Xiong” that was believed to be manufacturing and distributing shabu in Metro Manila and other parts of the country.

    The NBI agents discovered a plan of the group to deliver an undetermined amount of shabu to a motel in Pasay City (Metro Manila) that led to the capture of spouses Ansary and Jomefe Candota.

    The couple were caught in possession of 3.545 kilos of shabu intended to be shipped by bus to Mindanao.

    On December 2, the NBI agents intercepted 9 kilos of shabu in Bacoor, Cavite from a Maranao group, which had intended to transport the contraband to Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental in a private vehicle.

    Arrested for possessing the illegal drug were Saadoding Monib and Abubakr Mamarinta.

    Authorities then discovered that the source of the Xiong and Maranao groups’ shabu was a storage facility on Wilson Street and Manga Street, Little Baguio in San Juan City.

    On December 23, the NBI seized 101.373 kilos of shabu from suspects David Go, 44; Abdullah Jahmal, 33; Salim Arafat, 19; and Basher Jamal, 19,                                                                                                                                                                                                            who were on board a car, which was stopped along Annapolis Street, Greenhills, also in San Juan City.

    Armed with a search warrant, NBI agents seized 529 kilos of shabu at a house on Manga Street.

    Arrested there were Chen Wen De alias Jacky Tan, 48, and Shi Guixiong alias Xiong, 44, who were occupants of the house.

    At a house on A. Bonifacio Street, also in San Juan City, the agents confiscated 155 packs of shabu and drug ingredients.

    Charges for violating Republic Act 9165 were filed against the suspects before the Justice department.


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    1. Mar Roxas was bragging he could buy shabu anytime anywhere in Metro Manila in trying to win votes during the campaign. His narco Generals could have known this. Imagine if he won and this shabu was distributed in the streets.At 1 gram per user, that would be 1000 users per kilo x 1000 kilos per ton ( diluted hi- grade shabu) = 1 million BU-ANG addicts. DU30s boys painstakingly cased and trapped these bad ass Chinese and local Moros to prevent producing 1 million bu-angs who could have turned into killers, street muggers, rapists and shabu pushers themselves, does not seem to appear that our beloved Pres. DU30 does love China that much to let their poison come to our country. The joke was the previous administration led Pnoy and Mar when huge drug labs were set up by the Chinese ready for big time shabu production if Roxas were elected. So Pnoy and Roxas and their chain smokers gang were closet friends of China for the wrong reasons. It is you Mr. Abad and Roxas and Pnoy who are the Jokers.

    2. These are the Chinese who were sent here to poison us and our Beloved President wants to be friend with China.. What a Joke..