• NBI: Too early to link syndicate


    It’s too early to conclude that a syndicate is behind the infamous bullet-planting extortion racket at the country’s premier airport, the head of a task force designated to investigate the cases said on Friday.

    “It’s too early to say that. Hindi po ako ang nagsabi niyan. Wala pa tayo diyan sa stage na iyan. Masyado pang malayo to make that conclusion [I didn’t say that. We’re not yet on that stage. It’s still too early to make that conclusion],” Manuel Eduarte, head of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) task force, said in a report by GMA News Online.

    The bullet-planting incidents at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) allegedly involve some airport security personnel putting live ammunition in passengers’ luggage in order to extort money from them.

    Eduarte made the statement over a newspaper report (not The Manila Times) quoting an alleged NBI source who allegedly confirmed that a syndicate was indeed behind the unscrupulous scheme victimizing passengers transiting NAIA.

    “As far as I and my office [are]concerned, [there are no such]pronouncements [The investigation is only in its] initial stage, so how can I come out with those pronouncements?” he said.

    The seven-man NBI task force was created pursuant to a Department Order issued by Justice Secretary Alfredo Caguioa early this week.

    It has been given 15 days within which to submit its findings to the Justice department.
    The task force is yet to issue any subpoena, the GMA News Online report said.

    Eduarte appealed to the public especially those who have been victimized by suspected extortionists to come out and cooperate in the investigation.

    “We are calling on all victims to come forward. The NBI Anti-Organized Transnational Crime Division is willing to help you, with all the assistance if needed. We will file charges.
    This is the best opportunity to come forward,” he said.

    The task force can be reached via telephone numbers 63+2-523-3265.

    Malacañang also on Friday said the NBI is now looking deeper into the proliferation of alleged ‘bullet-planting’ incidents at NAIA and determine whether there are groups behind the scam.

    “The NBI has always proceeded on any investigation with an open mind so all avenues will be considered,” Palace deputy spokesman Abigail Valte said.

    Valte noted that investigations are being conducted as the government also undertakes concrete steps in addressing the alleged bullet-planting scam against passengers at NAIA.
    She said these measures include the installation of closed circuit television (CCTV) system there and the implementation of no-touch policy among bag inspectors.

    Valte at the same time expressed hope that the attention given by the media to the controversy will not affect efforts to promote the country as a tourist destination.

    “Unfortunately, these are unattended consequences of the attention that this [issue]has generated and we are hoping that the effects will not be lasting,” she said.

    “[We hope it] will not have a long-term effect on what our country is trying to do to promote the Philippines as a tourist destination,” Valte added.

    The bullet-planting controversy has caught the attention of the international media, particularly the British Broadcasting Corp, Daily Mail and The Standard in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong Free Press, Fox News, Time magazine and the Singapore Straits Times.

    A Japanese television entertainment show parodied the alleged scheme while a video game based on the controversy was made online (See related story).

    Marcos, Chiz reject proposal
    Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has rejected proposals seeking to decriminalize possession of three bullets or fewer in the country, saying it is the people involved in the controversy that is the problem, not the law.

    Marcos said the country’s law against possession of firearms and ammunition does not allow people to plant bullets in luggage of airport passengers and he sees no reason why there is a need to amend that law.

    The senator, who is running for Vice President in next year’s elections, was referring to Republic Act (RA) 10591 or the Comprehensive Law on Firearms and Ammunition, which penalizes possession of ammunition.

    “No. I don’t support it [amendment to RA 10591) at all. Again, I think the law is fine. The problem is not in the law. The problems are in the people who are doing this and their bosses who are allowing them to do it,” Marcos said.

    Sen. Paolo Aquino on Wednesday filed Senate Bill 3000, or Iwas Tanim-Bala Bill, that seeks to decriminalize the acquisition, possession and carriage of three bullets or fewer in the country.

    Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero, who is also running for Vice President, said proposals in Congress to decriminalize the possession of not more than three bullets should be carefully studied as merely decriminalizing the possession of a few bullets does not to fix the real problem, which is the existence of extortion syndicates in airports.

    He added that authorities should focus on the root of the problem instead of resorting to Band-aid solutions that do not address the issue of extortion.

    Screeners protest
    Security screeners under the Office of Transportation Security (OTS) held a “unity Mass” and “silent protest at NAIA Terminal 2 on Friday.

    According to Edgar Anas, national president of Employees Association of Transport
    Security, more than 2,000 OTS personnel nationwide simultaneously heard Mass.

    Security screeners also wore pink armbands, which they said symbolizs “love, sympathy and unity.” They added that they will continue wearing the armband until the controversy is resolved.

    “We prayed so hard and asked God to intervene in our behalf to resolve the issue of “laglag-bala” for the sake of our families,” screener Norlita Ibanez said.

    Reverend Anianas Merida said in his homily that to end the allegations, the workers should ask God to give solutions regarding the issue “to bring back their morale and respect of the public and to all employees working at airports nationwide.”

    Manila International Airport Authority general manager Jose Angel Honrado maintained that there is no need to improve awareness among travelers on what is not allowed to be brought inside the airport.

    He also released a letter addressed to all airport employees “to let you know that the airport management is one with its people in this moment of difficulty.”


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    1. Sa OTS kung talagang nasa puso ninyo ang matuwid na daan na gaya na sinasabi ni Pinoy sana noon pa ginawan naniyo ng paraan kung bakit ngyayari itong laglag bala.. ..sa akin palagay may mga kasama kayong lalag OTS operation at bakit hindi ninyo pinursigi mag karoon ng CCTV sa labas ng Airport sa entrance o parking ng airport nung sa ganoon Makita ang movement ng lahat ng galaw ng tao na ng pupunta sa airport hindi yung sa loob lang ng airport kayo naka concentrate pero sa vicinity ninyo wala kayong pakialam kasi nga hindi na ninyo durisdiction agt labas ng airport hahaha ang daling palusot pero eto na ang senaio na ngayon na rin ang biktima ng wala sa durisdiction ninyo ang labas ng airport…. o my honrado ano ang mga ginawamo dyan sa administration ng airport taon kana naka upo ka dyan puro magagandang sulat ang nagawa at matuwid na pogi ang nagawa mo dyan eh wala kanaman nagawa at hindi naman ma feel ng mga taong bayan ikaw lang at mga tao mo ang nakakafill ng pagbabago dahil na taassan sila ng swedyo hehehehhe pero ang maga mgamayan hindi nataas ng securidad at matuwid na malasaikit kung hindi masasakit na karanasan. kahit isang tao lang ito ayun sabi nga ng mga tao sa malacamangyan ito ay isang isolated incident lang… hohohoho … I pray u too will very well experience this isolated incident to you and your kin….. I do hope so it will be done thy king dom kome….

    2. apolonio reyes on

      A 22 cal bullet could be easily seen by OTS in a hand carry bag as it passed the x-ray machine but not a bag of 2.5 kilos of heroin that passed thru NAIA last September 25, 2015 and the four Filipina drug carriers were apprehended at Hong Kong airport. WHY?
      I was listening to Vic Lima and Karen Davila’s DZMM program ” Pasada Sais Trenta ” when Vic mentioned the ESCORT SERVICES AT NAIA and SOME OF THE ESCORTS ARE EVEN MEDIA MEN. I believed Vic as it is not a secret not only to media, NAIA BI. MIAA, DOTC’S OTS and AVESECOM but to all high government offices from Malacanan and cabinet members, Senators, Congressmen, SC, etc., that they have special escorts in their respective offices PERMASNENTLY ASSIGNED AT NAIA that escorts high government officials and relatives and big businesssmen in and out of NAIA without passing those OTS x-rays. These Escort service including media men assigned at NAIA have been in existence since time in memorial up to the present. I believed this is the reason why the Four Filipina Drug Carrier with ESCORTS was able to pass NAIA that AVESECOM and OTS did not see the 2.5 kgs of heroins. Tama ka Vic Lima !