• NBP chief lazy and inefficient


    IF only Justice Secretary Leila de Lima can have her way, the National Bilibid Prisons (NBP) director would have been fired from his job long time ago.

    NBP chief Franklin Bucayu has been inefficient in curbing illegal activities inside the national penitentiary under his watch.

    Reports said  booze, women, drugs and deadly weapons find their  way inside the supposedly tight-security prison facility.

    Worse, inmates can go in and out of prison anytime they want in cahoots with prison guards and officials.

    Earlier reports also said  wealthy and influential prisoners of NBP enjoy “VIP”  treatment in exchange for hefty sums of money given to the prison officials.

    Moneyed inmates are allowed to have their own air-conditioned jail cells, complete with living room, dining and kitchen furnishings and  with helpers who are inmates too.

    Surprisingly, despite all these illegal activities inside the prison, Bucayu remains at his post without being  booted out of office,  or at least suspended  for these major infractions.

    One wonders why  Bucayu enjoys so much protection from the President that PNoy refuses to fire this incompetent official?
    Your guess is as good as mine.


    What’s this I heard on the streets that an alleged police official is the protector or the godfather of all gambling dens in Metro Manila?

    The story goes something like this: A certain Major Aranda, assigned at the PNP National Capital Regional Command, has been doing the rounds, not to make arrests and close down illegal gambling dens, but to extort money from its operators.

    Failure to give in to the monetary demands of Aranda would result in arrests and closing down of this type of illegal trade, according to the same story.

    Now, whether this Major Aranda is a legitimate member of the police force, the Philippine National Police  leadership should investigate this report.

    With Deputy Director Leonardo Espina as the acting PNP chief, I’m sure this report will be acted upon.


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    1. Tama ka Ginoong Tulfo, dapat alisin sa puwesto si Director bucayu dahil kung gawin niya ang kanyang tungkulin sa bilibid ay para siyang yoyo na kapag nalangisan humahaba ang pisi, pag naman nabukulan, liliit at hihigpit ang pisi.