NCCA Gallery presents ‘Vitamin Sh*t’


TEN participating artists gather to express how negative experiences become a good drive towards creativity as the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) hosts a one-off exhibit this July.

Called Vitamin Sh*t, the exhibit according to NCCA Gallery guest curator Noell EL Farol is “a dose of self-immunization” from each of the participating artists namely Frances Abrigo, Bryan Araneta, Marius Black, Adam Flores, Mara Herrera, Sharla O’Hara, Tad Pagaduan, Jhemuel Slavador, Rem San Pedro, and Joum Valera.

“Vitamin Sh*t is a group art exhibit about being fearless, about defying the odds when creating an artwork. It’s about turning shit into sugar, of turning our own worse
experiences into vitamins that remind us how to survive,” expressed artist Black.

The exhibition opened on July 2 and will be on view at the NCCA Gallery until July 30.

For more information, contact the NCCA curatorial team at 527-2192 local 308 and look for Bryan Llapitan or Mimi Santos. Visit the NCCA website at


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