NCCA opens call for 2015 proposals


Through the National Endowment Fund for Culture and the Arts, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts provides assistance to artists, arts organizations, nongovernment organizations, people organizations, and nongovernment agencies.

Interested individuals or groups can avail themselves of the assistance by submitting a project proposal under the NCCA Grants Program, or file a request under NCCA’s Institutional Programs (NCCA Outreach Program, Resource Person’s Bureau, Technical Assistance Program).

The deadline for submission of project proposals under the 2015 NCCA Grants, including accreditation requirements, and other requirements is on or before August 31.

Proposals received after the deadline and/or with incomplete requirements will not be processed and will be returned by the NCCA to the proponents.

Note that the grant will be released in the form of reimbursement. All requests must be submitted to the NCCA at least two months prior to the actual implementation date of the event.

For inquiries on the NCCA Grants Programs, contact the Planning, Policy Formulation and Programming Division at directline, 527-2214 or trunkline 527-2192 with locals 509 (Subcommission on the Arts); 501 (Subcommission on Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts); 506 (Subcommission on Cultural Heritage); 511 (Subcommission on Cultural Dissemination). E-mail,, or


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