NCCA spearheads cultural statistics conference


NCCA Executive Director Rico Pableo Jr. and Deputy Executive Director Marichu Tellano led the opening program for the first ever Conference on Cultural Statistics and Creative Economy happening at the Manila Pavilion on Monday.

The two-day conference seeks to draw awareness about the Philippine Cultural Statistics Framework (PCSF), a set of methodologies and processes utilized to build cultural statistics as basis for the creation and development of cultural statistics in the country.

Maguindanaon cultural dance group performsthe sagayan or war dance

Aside from the launch of the PCSF, the conference also serves as a platform for igniting interest of various stakeholders and engage them to contribute to the national development through promotion of culture and other creative economies.

Monina Collado, Philippine Cultural Statistics consultant

“Through years of cultural work, we come to recognize significant role of culture in local and national development, especially in the economic and social realm. Reliable cultural statistics can be a tool that will provide a picture of the state or condition of the society’s cultural life,” NCCA Deputy Executive Director shared.

NCCA executive director Pableo opened the conference highlighting the role of the NCCA and the PCSF in measuring the success of the nation’s cultural policies and how it affects the holistic development of the country in relation to the administration’s Philippine Development Plan for 2022.

The NCCA’s Plan/Policy Formulation and Programming Division (through its Plan and Policy Office has led the conceptualization and development of the framework through years of consultations and final approval by the Philippine Statistics Authority.

NCCA Executive Director Rico Pableo Jr.


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