• NCCP urges infra devt to boost tourism


    The Philippines will further raise its tourism and travel sector if main infrastructures such as hotels, hospitals and airports are given attention.

    According to Guillermo Luz, National Competitiveness Council of the Philippines private sector co-chairman, the country’s tourism sector will improve if quality hotel rooms, hospital amenities and beds, as well as airports will increase.

    “We have a lack of hotel rooms but we still don’t have yet standards to proper get the 5-star level . . . It is a quality and quantity issue,” Luz said, comparing the hotel rooms in the Philippines being less to other hotels among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations member-countries.

    “Also hospital beds. If you want to attract visitors, you’d include hospital facilities [in improvement],” he added.

    According to him, though hospitals are not likely to be connected in the tourism sector, development of hospital beds, amenities and accessibility should be looked at as health, safety and security becomes an issue for the investors coming into the country.

    “Business cost of terrorism is [also]a safety issue. Of course in Mindanao should be looked at, [improved]as well,” Luz said.

    “I think in the next two years, with much investments and infrastructure, except if we don’t fix the airports. If we don’t build more, we’ll suffer. No matter how many roads we build, the Philippines is completely dependent of airports where everybody must fly in,” Luz said.

    Based on National Statistics Office data, residential buildings and towers take up most of the construction projects of the country for the second quarter of the year. Construction in the country totaled to 29,494 projects, with most projects in Calabarzon and Cavite.

    Kristyn Nika M. Lazo


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