• NDF accuses troops of rape, torture of captured rebels


    DAVAO CITY: The National Democratic Front (NDF), the political arm of the communist rebels, which is negotiating peace with the incoming Duterte administration, has accused government troops of raping a captured female fighter and torturing two others before executing them in Davao City recently.

    Rubi del Mundo, a spokesman for the NDF in southern Philippines, tagged members of the 72nd Infantry Battalion and pro-government militias from the notorious Alamara forces to be behind the killings.

    He said the victims – Mary Jane Quimbo, Will Biliran and Elenita Garing – were captured following a firefight in Lumiad village in Paquibato district on June 9, after which they had been tortured, raped and killed. Their bodies were later dumped by soldiers in a ditch.

    “The National Democratic Front in Southern Mindanao condemns the most recent horrendous commission of war crimes perpetrated by AFP troops in the region that are clearly designed to undermine and derail the initial goodwill being established by the NDFP and the incoming government of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte,” Del Mundo said.

    “The masses in Paquibato witnessed enemy troops carrying Ka Will and Ka Milo at around 8 p.m. in Barangay Lumiad. They were brutally tortured and summarily killed. Their bodies bore torture marks and were dumped in a ditch. Ka Milo was raped by the enemy,” he added.

    “This recent barbaric violation of war conventions and international humanitarian laws shows how degenerate the AFP has become in the face of defeat in the people’s war,” Del Mundo said.

    Last month, government troops also executed six innocent villagers they suspected as rebels or NPA sympathizers.

    Del Mundo accused the military of sabotaging the peace talks with the Duterte administration.

    There was no immediate statement from the military on Del Mundo’s allegations.


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    1. Juan T. Delacruz on

      The NPA / NDF need to understand that they are NOT signatories of the 1947 Geneva Convention “LAW of WAR”. I do not agree to what the soldiers did to their female enemy combatants, and most likely, the soldiers released their angers, frustrations, and wanted to show to the whole world that these is what they deserved, and they went ahead raped, killed and dumped their bodies. It seems like they did not deserved to be buried with respect and dignity. “Law of the Jungle” is a term used on this type of combatant’s behavior.