• NDF asks for freedom of consultants


    The National Democratic Front is again asking to free its consultants and appealed to President Aquino to do so. The NDF is invoking the Joint Agreement on Safety and Security or the JASIG. Their political consultant Randy Malayao said in particular that one of their outstanding member of the panel consultants Mr. Kennedy Bangibang representing the Cordillera Region should be released. Mr. Bangibang was arrested by authorities for multiple murder and frustrated murder but was transferred to Baguio as he was considered as “high risk prisoner” by the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology.

    I think the NDF knows very well the cases on Bangibang and therefore, he could not be freed along with some others the NDF is appealing for freedom. Even if these consultants are included in the JASIG list, they cannot be freed as they have standing cases, reason for their detention. These are legalities they have to face.

    Many NDF members or those who have an affiliation with it always use the excuse as “consultants” and it follows that they have the right to liberty. The government I am sure, and President Aquino will not accede to this new appeal of theirs. The groups appealing for release of detained consultants are rights group Karapatan, Citizens Alliance for Just Peace, Pilgrims for Peace, Phil Economic Peace Platforms and Waging Peace Phils. The group then had called for resuming peace talks between the government and the NDF then.

    If the NDF and these groups really want to negotiate peace, they should just leave their jailed members to face their charges before they insist on getting them off the hook through the JASIG.

    N.M. Norberto


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