• NDRRMC revises policy on disaster funds


    AMID the uproar brought by the Commission on Audit (COA) report that donated funds have not been used to help victims of calamities, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) said it will revise its policy on the use of such funds.

    At the same time, NDRRMC executive director and Office of Civil Defense administrator Alexander Pama said corrective measures are being adopted by the council.

    “Iyan ang gusto kong ipaliwanag kasi nung naabutan natin dyan, meron tayong sinusunod na policies on the utilization ng mga donated funds for the calamity victims and we don’t want to get out of that. That’s part of the observations ng COA, if you noticed yung kanilang recommendation is gumawa ng bagong policy which we have done subject to approval na lang ngayon ng council (That’s what I want to explain because when we came here, we followed policies on the utilization of donated funds for the calamity victims and we don’t want to get out of that [policy]. That’s part of the observation of COA. If you noticed, its recommendation is to craft a new policy which we have done subject to the approval of the council),” Pama said.

    He added that the revision of the policy will be comprehensive to include among others the use of funds in buying relief goods and repair of houses or shelters which were not allowed under the old rule.

    The draft policy on the use of donated funds is being finalized by a technical working group that include some members of COA.

    “We are exerting all efforts so that this will come out as soon as possible,” Pama said.

    The OCD chief dismissed insinuations of an anomaly, maintaining that the fund is intact.

    “I think there is no question about the accounting of the funds the money is all there, it’s in a trust fund,” he said.


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    1. Excuses is all your policy is. These funds were donated for the relief effort to assist millions of Filipino’s., yet the government sits on the funds. Its been almost 2 years since Yolanda. People needed help immediately but what did the government do, just sit on their butts, hoarding the funds, trying to figures ways of no using it. Stop the corruption, let the Filipino people have a piece of mind. For those of you responsible, do your job immediately, stop pointing fingers or using excuses. If not quit because you are worthless at what you’re doing now!!!