NDRRMC’s Del Rosario



A lot of people are wondering these days if National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) Dir. Eduardo Del Rosario do report for work.

Eversince Del Rosario was appointed by Pnoy to head the said agency, this retired army general is nowhere to be found.

Unlike former NDRRMC DIrecror Benito Ramos, who was very visible whenever there is a disaster or calamity trying to assure the public of the government’s action to arrest panic and comfort the victims and their relatives, this seemingly inutile

Del Rosario is quiet and always mum on disaster or calamity issues.

Aside from being a former division commander of the Philippine Army, one wonders what other qualifications this grumpy old man has to hold that position?

Del Rosario is not the right person for the job. He is one useless piece of s#@&!!!!!

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Cebu Pacific flights, is it still worth taking?
No doubt about it.

Cebu Pacific Air.com is the cheapest way to fly. But is it really worth to put your life in the hands of the airline who boasts of low budget fares but has inept flight crew and questionable safety standards?

Even before the Davao crash landing incident, the said airline has been the object of complaints from poor customer service to lousy baggage handling from its irate passengers.

It seems that the said airline does not care about the safety and comfort of its passengers anymore since they fly people at a very cheap price, or almost for free base on their 1 peso promo or ads.

However, Trade and Industry Undersecretary Zeny Maglaya said cheap or low fares should not mean poor service, comfort, and safety given by transport companies to its clients.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) the incident in Davao could have been a pilot’s error. Could it be that the pilot was already tired?

Little does everyone know that Cebu Pacific flight crew are overworked.

I overheard at one point two Cebu Pac pilots at the airport talking about their schedule that day.

One said he still has to fly to Korea after his 2 dometic flights that day. The other said he only has one local flight but will continue on to Singapore.

So the question now is, are you still willing to risk your life and that of your love ones for a low fare deal?



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  1. I suggest that all relevant safety and maintenance data, to arrive at a good analysis, must be had and then these data will be compared side by side with international standards. The following data, among other things, may be secured for comparative analysis:

    1. Pilot flying hours per day for a similar plane type.
    2. Pilot rest hours per day.
    3. Age of plane for a similar capacity.
    4. Maintenance schedule for a similar plane type.
    5. Pilot Salary for a similar plane type.
    6. And other relevant factors.

    In this manner we will be able to compare and analyze with certainty whether or not Cebu Pacific is at par with international standards which has the effect of gauging the airline’s safety standards.

    We just have to be mindful also that the comparison will show a wide gap because Cebu Pacific’s income is in peso and oftentimes from promo sales compared with dollar income derived by airlines abroad.

  2. pambihira naman tong si tulfo, hind mo lang nakita yung tao inutile na kaagad… baka may kelangan ka lang sa kanya ng contrata o pabor.. buolok na yang Attack and collect racket mo dodong

  3. Voice from the Wilderness on

    Indeed this new NDRRMC top honcho is inutile because recently, the agency in its attempt to become visible and relevant has issued press releases to report casualties that are man made and not due to natural calamities like their recent insignificant report on the II Serendra blast and others. Hence, there is a grain of truth to the saying that, ” it takes an inutile leader to appoint an inutile subordinate.”