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    It is very interesting how so many companies persist to advertise, spending loads of money obviously to generate interest toward expanding their clientele when they to begin with, cannot even absorb the demand they already have. It is even worse for so many companies who do so while they cannot even communicate to each other much less absorb the demand they already service. Meaning these companies do not communicate to their clients.

    Just recently, I have had to endure the frustration of my visit to a bank that could not connect me to a department I was seeking out. As it turns out, they replaced the traditional title of this service to some other fancy title no one knows exist. My frustration was born out by the ineptitude of the telephone call center operator outsourced to connect me to a department they were unfamiliar with. When dealing directly finally with the bank officials, I was aggravated with their information desk center much less the bank officers on their ground floor building failing to identify the department. I was sent to the 7th floor only to be redirected to the 6th then on to the 8th floor, simply because some other employed executives who knew me personally finally directed me. The series of boo boos was no match to the waiting room I was subjected to, where the rooms lights turned off every once in a while. Obviously, this made me feel unwelcome and thinking maybe because of my complaints, they were trying to shoo me away. As it turns out, the lights would automatically go off when there is no movement in the room, some type of advanced technology to save on electricity. But how was I to know of this facility when nothing about it is communicated nor written on the wall.

    This is the problem; there is no communication from within the company much less with its customers. Branding is all about the consistent delivery of the brand promise, which generates integrity to make it the brand. How is there any consistency or even the delivery of the brand promise when the brand cannot even communicate by themselves, much less to its clientele? How so pitifully sad to see this is happening to a conglomerate no less. Is it possible this private institution no longer knows what the left and right hand is doing?

    When problems of communication arise, there is no need to advertise to generate demand, because any demand generated will turn sour. When a brand reaches a point it can no longer serve its clientele, it is time to stop all efforts the advertising department may promote. Another good example of this would be the telecommunication companies. How long must one queue when paying bills, or trying to get service from the big two? And yet they persist to advertise when all they do is aggravate us when we pay them a visit?
    Need more be said?


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