• We need time to finish work – Palace

    SHIP BREAKER A man dismantles a ship washed ashore when Yolanda slammed into Tacloban City last year. MIGUEL DE GUZMAN

    A man dismantles a ship washed ashore when Yolanda slammed into Tacloban City last year. MIGUEL DE GUZMAN

    The Palace on Saturday admitted that it will take time to finish the rehabilitation and reconstruction projects in areas devastated by typhoon Yolanda and appealed to the survivors to have patience.

    Secretary Herminio Coloma of the Presidential Communications Operations Office said rehabilitation work is slow because the needs on the ground are vast.

    Some groups have denounced the delayed completion of projects in typhoon-hit areas, particularly the building of permanent shelters for the survivors and called on President Benigno Aquino 3rd to resign.

    “The damage is indeed vast and deep, and it has affected a lot of people. Forty-four out of 81 provinces were hit, and that equates to 1.47 million families. We did not say that everything is finished,” Coloma said in an interview aired over Radyo ng Bayan.

    “Maybe we could try to understand that we need time to complete all the work that we need to accomplish. For those who see what we lack, we welcome if they will give suggestions. The government will be ready to work with them,” he added.

    Coloma said reconstruction work may pick up speed since the government has already identified the areas where permanent houses for the victims can be safely built.

    “The local governments will eventually pass resolutions and ordinances for these houses. The government does not intend to take anybody for granted. We’ll look for ways to address their displacement and other temporary inconvenience,” he said.

    “That is what’s important here. That we are helping each other,” Coloma added.

    Liberal Party Secretary General Mel Senen Sarmiento of Western Samar said it will take more than a year to rebuild the disaster areas.

    “Rehabilitating areas ravaged by Typhoon Yolanda is easier said than done. People who are claiming that President Aquino should have done this and that have no idea what they are talking about. I doubt it if they can even run a rehabilitation program for a small barangay,” Sarmiento said.

    “Those who are claiming that Pnoy could have done better are like boxing spectators who think that they could have done better than the boxer inside the ring but in reality, they don’t even know how to do a jab,” he added.

    Creating better and stronger cities and towns, Sarmiento argued, is not an easy task.

    “This is an engineered rehabilitation and we want to create communities that are disaster resilient. We cannot just build relocation communities without a careful study of the budget and logistics required, as well as the geological safety of the relocation sites,” he said.


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    1. Jaime Hernandez on

      After one year only a small portion or percentage of rehabilitation & rebuilt was done. It’s pathetic that this president & his camp are making more excuses. Now they are moving their asses cuz the Santo Papa is coming & visit the devastated area & will see the poor performance of this laid back administration.

    2. there are what you call immediate response plan, short term plan and long term plan when dealing with a situation like the one created by yolanda disaster. which one has noynoy administration made and implemented so far? what noynoy and his boys have are all motherhood statements from day one after the disaster that means nothing to those affected by the disaster who continue to suffer because of the slow response to rehab the affected areas.

      Why is it that the government of BENIGNO AQUINO III are having a hard time to response to the housing needs and livelihood opportunities of typhoon survivors? Why only now? Why make it comprehensive and extensively complicated?

      Humanitarian response does not need to take that long. When all that matters is to give the best efforts to care and watch over in order to deliver the actual solutions such as building of liveable shelters and introduction of livelihood opportunities.

      What made them to decide and change its structure into ‘LONG-TERM HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE? The motive is simple, so they can disguise the manner of its appearance to prevent from recognition that the actual activities they are doing are chiefly intended towards FUTURE POLITICAL FUNCTIONS to lasts until 2016 presidential poll and not of Rehabilitation and Recovery programs.

    4. Yesterday PNoy went on a whirlwind tour of the Visayas bragging and boasting his accomplishments. Today when PNoy is already thousands of kilometers out of the country, Coloma is in his many blah blahs justifying PNoy inefficiencies.

      Well planned.

    5. Rehabilitation only requires building of shelters for the poor victims where they can have roof over their heads against the harsh weather. Rebuilding does not call for a building of a megapolis with marble and granite building that will take long years. This is not envision in Tavloban and Samar devastated areas for rehabilitation. Just Putting up a fairly descent home structures to serve as permanent houses with normal amenities and facilities is what is being called for for the citizens. So what is holding up the rehabilitation? The 160 billion funds is available and foreign donations by the billions also have been poured into the effort. The public and foreign donors have the perception that the funds for the victims had disappeared and stolen by the govt agencies supposed to take care of the victims. I noted also that foreign donors are doing the works themselves like erecting shelters, providing tools for livelihood like pedicabs, boats for fishermen. This is a sign of distrust of government agencies which have held up relief goods for sale and pocketing the proceeds. Dinky Soliman of DSWA who look like a “man” and Charice Pempengco with violet streak of hair, must not be trusted for the funds and relief since she chaotically distributed the rotten reliefs to the victims. Pnoy I implore you to fast track the rehabilitation for the victims so they can rebuild and move on with their lives in a smooth way without a problem from govt.
      Though it is not easy task, but it must be done and fast so that the people knows where the funds are going. Rehabilitation delayed is rehabilitation denied! Let’s move it Pnoy, Mar Roxas and the officials of all LGUs.

    6. Rehabilitation of typhoon Yolanda devastated areas will take sometime. So why is Pnoy and Roxas not moving fast when the funds are available and foreign donations had been pored on to help. Aquino is brain damaged and a slow foot as he canot even order the rehabilitation effort to start. Pnoy is politicizing the disaster in Samar and Tacloban so Pnoy is holding up the effort. What a vindictive politician without humane concern and heart for the poor people. Pnoy must set aside politics and act like a statesman not like a nagging woman or an autistic idiot. Even his sister Kris Aquino last year used politics in giving out relief to Tavloban typhoon victims. Even Mar Roxas was so undiplomatic to demand control,of the local government of a tacloban so the national government relief is released. Roxas said if nit legalized “bahala na kayo sa buhay Ninyo”. Roxas lost his composure and was carried away by the Aquino syndrome! Too bad fir Roxas to act like a vindictive person yet he is not an Aquino clan to be involve in this sad situation. So how could Roxas forget endeared to the people. Love thy enemies so they will love u too! Roxas, as a putative Aquino anointed candidate must be sensitive to people especially the victims. How can Roxas counteract Binays Propoor approach if he is intemperate and irritable on critiques comment.

    7. The major drawback in the Tacloban rehabilitation in spite of practically a World helping hand never seen in any worlds’disasters, is the JUAN TAMAD culture prevailing among us. Instead of “picking the guava” falling unto his mouth, Mr. Tamad prefers to wait for the fruit to fall unto his mouth.

    8. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      True, one year is too soon to expect the rehab of the place—- in relation to the 2016 national elections; the victims will easily forget the ‘doleouts’ and help extended to them for electioneering purposes. Meanwhile, “buhay pa nama sila, di ba?”

      This is the resiliency of the Filipinos, as exemplified by the people of eastern Visayas; the inevitable effect of the ineptness, inefficiency, incompetency and insensitivity of the administration of this sitting president..

    9. patience? the palace is asking those affected people to be patient after already suffering for over a year? maybe we should ask coloma to be in the taclobanons’ shoes or any tent dwelling victim of yolanda and then let’s see how much patience we could ask from him. afterall, this is the same idiot who said that maybe the riders of mrt and lrt should consider taking other modes of transportation to and from work. i don’t honestly think it will take a year to scout for a permanent location to build houses for these victims. but for this administration, they sure are taking their sweet time. (its almost suspect that pnoy and his men will capitalize on such come 2016). there are a lot of jobless people in yolanda’s path that are dying to find work and make a living. hire those people. make them work building the new homes intended for them. i bet they are more than willing which in turn will reinvigorate the affected villages and towns thus enabling the local economy to go forward.

    10. mikhail hieronymus on

      “Liberal Party Secretary General Mel Senen Sarmiento of Western Samar said it will take more than a year to rebuild the disaster areas.”

      Right Mr. Sarmiento. Sit down and think some more excuses. Reminds me of an old joke: “A man was sitting by the sea shore watching the sunset , until it dawn on him.”

      • Wait for another year until election time in 2016 so the 160billion rehab funds will be doled out as campaign incentives for the victims. Pnoy and Mar Roxas will banner the rebuilding rehab over the head of Mayor Romualdez to show the national government is helping but they’re dangling the funds like carrots for the victims in exchange for their votes and to dump Romualdez party. Roxas approach is so off tangent from sad realities on the ground that makes him a hated official rather endeared co-visayan. Roxas is driving the victims and the people to the camp of Binay even if the Binay clan is perceived as corrupt but victims won’t mind anymore.