Negros bettor wins P30-M lotto prize


A lone bettor was added to a roster of instant millionaires after bagging the jackpot prize in the government-run lottery.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) on Monday said the winner of the grand prize came from Bacong, Negros Oriental province. PCSO Gen. Mngr. Jose Ferdinand Rojas 2nd said the lone bettor, who is not yet identified, bagged the P30.57-million jackpot of its SuperLotto 6/49 draw on Sunday night.

He said the bettor got the winning combination of 45-39-34-21-05-19.

Based on PCSO records, the biggest Lotto prize ever won was in November 2010 draw, when a lone bettor bagged P741.176 million with the winning numbers 11-16-42-47-31-37.

A lone bettor also won the P126.35-million jackpot of the Superlotto 6/49 draw on December 12 with the lucky combination 12-08-37-17-20-09. In November, four instant millionaires were added in the roster as they bagged the jackpot in the PCSO lotto draws.

On November 27, the P32.8-million jackpot was won by a bettor in the Megalotto 6/45 draw with a winning combination of 15-37-16-03-38-43.

A lone bettor also won the jackpot in the Lotto 6/42 draw with the numbers 28-30-02-03-08-42 on November 9 pocketing the P56.23-million prize.

On November 7, a lone bettor got the Megalotto 6/45 jackpot of P73.81 million with a winning combination of 01-12-25-28-37-27.

On November 4, a lone bettor nailed the PCSO Grand Lotto jackpot of P148.27million with the combination 26-47-50-48-28-55.


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