• Nelson Mandela’s will to be made public


    JOHANNESBURG: The executors of Nelson Mandela’s estate are to reveal his last will and testament on Monday, amid a very public family feud over who will carry on the family name.

    Two months after the death of the 95-year-old South African statesman, lawyers will reveal who will gain control of his multi-million dollar assets.

    Mandela left behind his wife Graca Machel, ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and more than 30 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, as well as the Nelson Mandela Center of Memory and the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.

    Even before his death, the children and grandchildren have frequently clashed over who leads the family and who should benefit from his investments.

    Several have already put the Mandela brand behind commercial projects including wine, clothing, artwork and a social network.

    While Mandela lay ailing in hospital, his daughters Zindzi and Zenani initiated a lawsuit to remove long-time Mandela friends George Bizos and Tokyo Sexwale as trustees of the family investment holdings.

    The lawyer who represented the daughters, Ismail Ayob, used to manage many of the family affairs until he fell out with Mandela and was sacked.

    He allegedly sold fake artwork in Mandela’s name and pocketed millions of dollars.

    But there has also been a political tussle over who should take up his mantle.

    Eldest daughter Makaziwe reportedly had the locks changed on Mandela’s rural home after his death to exclude his eldest grandson Mandla, the head of Mandela’s clan.

    Makaziwe and Mandla both lay claim to lead the family following the death of the anti-apartheid hero in December.

    Makaziwe is backed by his second wife Winnie and Mandla has the support for the royal family of his tribe.



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