• Nepal arrests 60 over constitution protest


    KATHMANDU: Police in Nepal arrested 60 Maoist activists on Friday for forcing schools and public transport to shut down in a nationwide protest over government plans to bring in a new constitution. Authorities deployed hundreds of security personnel in Kathmandu for the first national strike since a devastating quake hit the country in April. Nepal’s Maoists struck a deal with rival parties on a new constitution last month after years of bitter disagreement, spurred by an earthquake that killed more than 8,800 people in the Himalayan nation. But a breakaway faction of the party says the deal betrays the principles of the Maoists, who fought a decade-long civil war with the state that ended in 2006 and led to the abolition of a centuries-old feudal monarchy. Dozens have been injured this week in clashes between police and protesters angered by the terms of the draft constitution.



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