Nerds and girls show us how it’s done



Survivor: Caramoan a.k.a. another Fans vs. Favorites edition ended with the pale, bespectacled red headed Harvard Law School graduate John Cochran a.k.a. “Cochran” taking home the million dollars and outwitting, outplaying and outlasting 19 others.

By knowing the game (he’s played it once before, did a paper on the game and was a fan from the first season), getting a good read on the players, being able to turn his “weaknesses” into strengths and being able to laugh at himself (he joked about his skin getting burned immediately in the Philippines because it was practically translucent), he got to the end—walking away all the jury votes.

And to prove no one likes over acting drama queens, or people who keep crying wolf—whether they’re really emotional or faking it, Dawn Meehan had to shut down her Twitter account, and remove her false teeth on television as a result.

While I also did root for the long-haired, wonderfully scruffy looking bartender from Hermosa Beach, Malcolm Freberg (who did two seasons in the Philippines), I was ultimately happy with the outcome. Mr. Freberg did at least go home with Sprint Player of the Season.

The upcoming season of 27th Survivor: Blood vs. Water will be shot here again—this time on Palaui Island, Cagayan. And so will the season after that.

* * *

If you want to check out badass girls—watch Stars Earn Stripes which now airs on the time slot vacated by Survivor.

The first episode had the teams of two military personnel and two celebrities complete a mission that involved helocasting, shooting targets, blowing up a tower, knocking down a locked door, hauling an ammo box and finally detonating it.

Among the celebrities participating were Dean Cain, Terry Crews and Laila Ali. But who really kicked ass in Episode 1 were the women. Wrestling diva Eve Torres was practically unstoppable as she cleared the mission along with her celebrity partner Nick Lachey from the boy band 98 Degrees (and their military tandem partners) in the fastest time.

Olympic skier Picabo Street had to pick up the slack for her teammate Terry Crews (former NFL player, Expendables cast member) who struggled at the helocasting. She kept calm, took out the targets, took out the door and got back to the helicopter post detonation with the two “operatives.”

At the mission debriefing, General Wesley Clark and co-host Samantha Harris asked the contestants if anything was wounded, injured, aching or bruised. Crews replied, “My ego.”

Stars Earn Stripes finished its US run. It shows every Thursday night at 9 p.m. on Jack TV.


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