Nerilyn Tenorio named Times editor-in-chief


DANTE FRANCIS M. ANG II, Manila Times President, CEO and Executive Editor, and Rene Q. Bas, Publisher-Editor, jointly announced on Friday the appointment of Nerilyn Tenorio as Editor-in-Chief.

A graduate of Journalism with more than 10 years of editing experience for global and regional news organizations based in Hong Kong, Nerilyn Tenorio, Bas said, “is a welcome addition to our editorial team.”

Her editing stint in the former British colony gave her a close-up view of China’s transformation into a major market player that would change the global balance of power and reshape the world economy as the new millennium unfolded.

Hired from Manila by Agence France-Presse unit AFX-Asia, she moved to Hong Kong 14 years ago to join its regional sub-editors desk, which handled economic and business news from more than 10 bureaus positioned across Asia.

The Philippines she left behind was also once a darling beat for the international media as its economy struggled to get back on its feet following the collapse of the dictatorial Marcos regime. She wrote reports about a vibrant stock market, “raring to take off” in the early 1990s. The economic and business beat provided her solid grounding as a correspondent for Reuters Manila before she moved over to the editing desk of AFX in Hong Kong.

But outside the financial beat, the Philippines in the post-Marcos era also offered her a rich source of dramatic news stories as a reporter. From the many failed coup attempts against then President Corazon Aquino and the hurried departure in 1991 of American soldiers from the US military bases while Mount Pinatubo was erupting in the background, the Philippines to her was a bittersweet, colorful story to tell.

Today, back home after serving foreign news agencies abroad, she sees the challenge of dispatching news fairly about the Philippines’ continuing struggle to unshackle its grassroots economy from the effects of frequent natural disasters and deeply entrenched corruption in high and low places of governance.

With Tenorio as Editor-in-Chief of the Philippines’ oldest English-language daily, Ang as Executive Editor and Bas as Publisher-Editor will concentrate on corporate and policy decision-making.

Bas will also continue serving as Opinion Editor, principal editorial writer and supervising editor of the Sunday Times Magazine, whose Editor is Tessa Mauricio-Arriola.


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  1. Congratulations Ms Nerilyn Tenorio! You are one of the best journalist i’ve ever known in the whole world. Gol Go! my friend! More power to The Manila times!!

  2. Congratulations, Ms. Tenorio. It’s high time The Times had a woman editor-in-chief again. The last time was when the president was Joseph Estrada, who scared Malou Mangahas, and Atty. Katrina Legarda into leaving the paper.
    Under Rene Bas’ editorship, the Times has become a more exciting paper than it was under his other male predecessors. We expect you to make it even more exciting, especially in getting the paper to cover more great things women are doing. And I don;t mean the unfemale things the Feminists are boringly pushing. I mean the positive things great women are doing to make the Philippines a less pitiful nation.

  3. Let’s hope Ms. Tenorio makes The Manila Times less averse to news about the work that Filipino Christians–both Protestants and Roman Catholics–are doing. And may her presence in the Times editorial team mean your newspaper becomes more PRO-LIFE during weekdays.