Netizens abuzz over Ka Freddie’s teen girlfriend


Social networking sites buzzed after OPM icon Freddie Aguilar revealed on Wednesday he has a 16-year-old girlfriend with whom he plans to have a baby.

In an interview in the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) after the 5th Star Awards for Music on October 13, the 60-year-old singer—who wrote and sang the internationally celebrated “Anak”—said, “‘Yung girlfriend ko. . . 16 nga lang siya. (My girlfriend, she’s just 16.)”  

Aguilar said he didn’t know the girl was just 16 when he courted her. “Nung malaman ko, sabi ko, ‘Andun na e. Ano pa ang magagawa ko?’ Aatras ka ba noon, e, na-in love na? (When I found out, I said to myself, ‘It happened, what can I do?’ I fell in love. I can’t turn back now),” he said.

Aguilar claims he has been married thrice, the last one to a 17-year-old. He has five children. One of them, Megan, is also a singer.

Recent photos posted on Facebook show Aguilar kissing a woman, but she was not identified.

Aguilar’s admission of a May-December romance triggered a flurry of reactions in the social media.

Among the celebrities who took to Twitter to express “concern” was TV host Sam Oh (@iamsamoh). “How can he so freely discuss plans of having a baby with a 16-year-old? I’m disturbed,” Oh tweeted.

Katrin Calledo (@keightnixy), expressed shock: “Freddie Aguilar is dating a 16 year old girl?! :o and if that’s not shocking enough they’re talking abt having a baby!”

@AyenFATS said she was “really grossed out of my wits with that Freddie Aguilar and 16yr old gf news jesus gross gross gross.”

Aguilar had told the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) the parents of his teenage lover know about their relationship. Almighty Neko (@nik0leta17) tweeted this warning to the girl’s dad and mom: “Mag-ingat ka sa kanya ha? Babaero yan.” Uhm… Hello? That’s not the issue here.”

Other netizens were either astounded or amused. James Deakin (@jdeakin72) tweeted, “It gives the song ‘Anak’ a whole creepy new meaning.”

Actor Ping Medina noted: “Freddie Aguilar’s new single: Apo.”

Princess Shiela Antoni, or @PrincessShielaA, offered these alternative lyrics to Aguilar’s global hit song: “‘Nang isilang ka sa mundong ito, laking tuwa ng sarili ko. Ikaw pala ineng magiging jowa ko. Tinginingining 2x.’ – Ka Freddie Aguilar. XD”

Professional Heckler. @HecklerForever had a more understanding take on Aguilar’s new relationship. “Ka Freddie Aguilar, 67 is dating a 16-year-old. T’ya Pusit, 65 has a 27-year-old boyfriend. There is still hope people. There’s STILL hope!” tweeted Professional Heckler.



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  1. Mr. F. Aguilar, an affair of the heart is nobody’s business but yours, you sound like very proud of this achievement, and by history you have the propensity to have sexual relationship with the young. I think there is such a law that prohibit this kind of relationship, you can be brought to court for statutory rape, besides if your job is something that the innocent member of our society emulate, what kind of a model are you? be responsible, we must try to act our age.