• Netizens ask Kris, ‘Why Angeline Quinto and Erik Santos for APEC spouses gathering?’


    Show-Times-120151117In this digital age where netizens—the frequent users of the Internet—can easily voice out their opinions by tapping away at their keyboards, questioning anyone’s decision can be made instantaneously. Likewise, the challenged party’s defense.

    The President’s sister Kris Aquino fell into this exchange in the last few days in relation to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit 2015 actitivites.

    When she posted on her Instagram account (@withlovekrisaquino) that Erik Santos, Angeline Quinto, Matteo Guidicelli and Ogie Alcasid will sing “Broadway hits” as part of the 20-minute program allocated for the spouses’ luncheon she and her sisters are hosting on November 19, there were several bashers who dared to ask, “Why them?”

    Ogie Alcasid will sing a Barry Manilow medley

    Ogie Alcasid will sing a Barry Manilow medley

    “Why is Sarah Geronimo, Darren Espanto or El Gamma Penumbra [Filipino shadow play group] not included in your artist line up?” demanded one comment.

    Tagging the netizen’s username, Aquino directly answered, “Because they are EXCELLENT and because one text lang kay @visionerickson YES agad and for the love of our country, they waived their talent fees. So YES FAVORITE KO SILA, problema ba?”

    Other commenters also tried to ask why Kris and her team chose to highlight Broadway music, believing that cultural performances that will feature the country’s rich traditions were more appropriate. As it happened Kris had no need to reply to this particular thread of criticism because over two million followers defended her decision. The common reaction was that if they were one of the delegates, to see another cultural performance later in the APEC week was already “too much,” and that Kris’ chosen lineup will ably show that Filipino talents are at par with the stars of Broadway.

    Matteo Guidicelli will sing Broadway tunes

    Matteo Guidicelli will sing
    Broadway tunes

    Santos, one of the performers, took to the same platform to air his thoughts on being selected for the APEC spouses’ lunch, posting, “Such an honor to be part of this event. Thank you Ate @withlovekrisaquino for having me.”

    Incidentally, The Manila Times got a hold of another performer, Matteo Guidicelli on Sunday via text, who also expressed his feelings over Kris’ invitation. “I’m feeling very grateful and overwhelmed to be chosen to perform for the APEC luncheon.”

    Meanwhile, on Monday morning, singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid, also sent a message to The Manila Times, which said, “I am so excited to perform for the First Ladies and will be performing a medley of Barry Manilow hits. Hoping First Lady Michelle Obama will be there. I am a huge fan.”


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