• Netizens cheer, jeer Aquino’s ‘chosen one’


    Netizens took to popular social network messaging site Twitter and Facebook to voice out their support or disdain for President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s endorsement of the candidacy of Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd for President in 2016.

    Majority of netizens were against the endorsement while some approved of the President’s choice of Roxas over survey frontrunner, Sen. Grace Poe.

    Twitter user @anntuts remembered Roxas’ demeanor—that he can’t handle the steam—toward CNN correspondent Andrew Stevens. “Mar Roxas as President? Watch him during his interview on CNN re: Typhoon Haiyan (locally named Yolanda — Editor). That’s the guy you shld be voting? Hmm.”

    @messthesecond shared the same sentiment. “Just remember what Mar Roxas said about the Yolanda victims. #RoxasNa? kaawa na pinas kung siya mananalo”

    Another user, @SoficaMonica_ said Roxas should follow the example of Sen. Roxas should follow the example of Sen. Francis Escudero who resigned his committee chairmanships in the Senate after he expressed his interest to run for higher office in 2016. “Mar Roxas must resign ASAP especially now that LP has announced his bid for presidency. Like what Chiz said, delicadeza.”

    Twitter user @rodrigoaescobar blasted PNoy for the irony that he called for the passage of the Anti-Dynasty Law and then choosing Roxas whose grandfather and namesake was a former president while his late father served as senator. “So after all the anti-dynasty talk mentioned by PNoy in his SONA, he endorses Mar Roxas for President. Such irony, Mr. President.”

    Scheherazade Pascual whose user name is @chiiinne, says, “I will say this now. No to Mar Roxas. Come on Philippines! You can do better than that while user @InkBlots1020 posted, “Mga tanga lang ang boboto kay Mar Roxas.”

    Chef Ezekiel @corpuzzzy, said: “diko sasayangin boto ko sayo mar roxas puro ka lang papogi sa camera!” while Richard Bolisay posted, “Tricky to prove but true: Mar Roxas will never be President because of Korina Sanchez”

    Not all netizens bashed Roxas. Chichi Tuca

    @tsitsiritsi says,“Kapag naging pangulo ng Pilipinas si Mar Roxas, wala nang bata sa Pilipinas ang nakaiyapak. – Korina Sanchez”

    Rizza Mae Duro @TheRizzaMaeShow says, “I still hope for a Mar Roxas and Grace Poe tandem. User @say_dantes says, “Maybe we should start looking at Mar Roxas as a genuine Filipino, the real deal.”

    Athena Pilar said, “Kung Binay at Roxas nalang ang choices, Juskopo kay Mar Roxas nalang ako.”

    Organizers of the “A gathering of friends” event at the Club Filipino displayed signs encouraging Twitter users to use the hashtag #Roxasna and #Simulapalangito when posting tweets related to the event.

    The #Roxasna hashtag ranked 3rd at the time the President Aquino delivered his endorsement speech and disappeared from the trending list about an hour after after it was overshadowed by the hashtag #AlDubPagsubok which referred to a comedy segment in the noontime show Eat Bulaga.

    Roxas as a Twitter topic reemerged later in the afternoon.


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