• Netizens weigh in on cussing at the SONA


    While President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) tackled many pressing issues such as the mining problem, achieving peace in Mindanao with the martial law extension, and a continued war against drugs, netizens focused on the repeated use of cuss words throughout the duration of his two-hour speech.

    Known for giving expletive-laden speeches, it is no longer surprising to hear the President rattle through the “P.I’s,” “sons of b*tches” and the like in his public engagments. However, the obsceneties during the SONA caused a stir among netizens.

    President Rodrigo Duterte

    Twitter user @heyitschal posted, “Clap count: 25 Cuss count: 14. Deviation Duration: almost an hour. This was just my count while I was watching in the office.”

    The general sentiment online is that the President should not have cussed at such an official function, especially with many young students required to watch the SONA to write reaction papers for school.

    “Cant count how many times I cringed when Du30 cussed during his #SONA2017 speech,” Twitter user Neen Ramos said.

    “Parents should keep their kids from watching #SONA2017 . The cuss words spewing from Dear Leader’s mouth are just…” @toots069 posted.

    “Cussing doesn’t make you strong. While it may appear straightforward, arrogance can only take you so far,” @michellefellone pointed out.

    @BabolDumplin posted, “People saying they prefer a cussing pres rather than a pres who sugarcoats. No. We deserve a pres who does not cuss nor sugarcoat.”

    “Too much adlibs and curses…that’s the truth about #SONA2017,” @nielsubida03 said.


    All the same, the President, whose satisfaction ratings remain high despite his unorthodox ways, also had a huge share of defenders online. Their take on the matter – better that the Chief Executive spewed his anger rather than lie about the true state of the nation.

    “I’d rather hear a cursing genuine president than an angelic pretentious one,” @myoui_ed posted.

    Twitter user Jerry Hyuuga said, “The President speaks so genuinely. It’s spontaneous, no pretensions, no sugarcoating. Even his curses are naturally flavored!”

    @whalienxx said, “The antis will hear nothing but his curses. Of course what do u expect? Close minded ppl will only listen to what they wanna hear.

    “One of the most humorous, comfortable, longest, foul-mouthed, bilingual, down-to-earth SONA speech[es]ever held by Pres. Duterte,” Andre Gere Adsuara posted on Twitter.


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