• Netizens weigh in on Oscars best picture blunder


    Steve Harvey an innocent casualty as 2015 Miss Universe mix-up recalled

    The 2017 Academy Awards ended in glamorous chaos on Sunday evening (Monday morning in Manila) with the likes of Hollywood icon Warren Beatty, newly minted best actress Emma Stone, and host Jimmy Kimmel looking bewildered on stage as the unthinkable happened. The wrong best picture winner was announced.

    Beatty, along with his 1967 crime classic Bonnie and Clyde co-star Faye Dunaway, were given the wrong envelope when they presented the final award of the evening, thus mistakenly naming La La Land the winner, instead of the coming of age drama Moonlight.

    Just as quickly as the confusion was sorted out and corrected however, so social media erupt with reactions, even here in the Philippines.

    An innocent casualty of the gaffe was TV host Steve Harvey who infamously read Miss Colombia as the 2015 Miss Universe winner, when in fact it was the Philippines’ Pia Wurtzbach who won the crown.

    “Yung na Ms. Universe yung La La Land! Hahaha Moonlight daw ang Best Picture;” “Na-Colombia ang La La Land! Awaaaarrrrddd! Congrats Pia, I mean, Moonlight;” “Moonlight is the new miss Philippines #Oscars,” and “Moonlight = Miss Philippines La La Land = Miss Colombia #Oscars 2017 = Miss Universe 2015 Warren Beatty = Steve Harvey So this is happening;” were just some of the earliest posts on Facebook and Twitter this side of the world.

    Way before the Filipinos poked fun at the de ja vu moment, Oscars host Kimmel had actually beat them to it on the show proper when he said, “Guys, this is very unfortunate what happened. Personally, I blame Steve Harvey for this.”

    The best tweet on the Steve Harvey comparison, however, has to go to the Miss Universe folks themselves, who posted, “Have your people call our people- we know what to do. #Oscars #MissUniverse.”

    Meanwhile, Hollywood stars and other public figures also aired their thoughts on the blunder beginning with actor Neil Patrick Harris who tweeted, “I feel bad for all involved: Warren, Jimmy, Marc Platt and the incredible La La Land team. That said, congrats to Moonlight. It’s brilliant.”

    British author Hannah Witton said, “Sucks to be La La Land to think you’ve won and you hadn’t. Sucks to be Moonlight not getting their deserved winning moment.”

    American actress and producer Jessica Chastain posted, “Why didn’t the producers of the show rush to the stage when the wrong winner had been announced?! I feel bad for #Lalaland producers awkward.”

    “I’m also very sad for the Moonlight crew. I wish that they had the full experience of winning best pic without the awkwardness of it all.” she added.

    “You know what the problem is—millions of Academy members voted illegally,” Hollywood actor Seth Macfarlane wrote as he chose to go the humorous way via Twitter.

    Finally, Beatty’s son Stephen Ira stepped in to defend his father tweeting, “Mistakes happen, especially in a live show.”


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