• Never-ending lies and corruption (Part I)


    BENIGNO S. AQUINO 3RD will most probably go down in history as the most naive and pathetic president of the Philippines. Why? Because among others, President Aquino readily believes the reports of his people, especially the sycophants in his Cabinet and the other top officials in his administration. He does not bother to check and validate them.

    A glaring example is how President B. S. Aquino 3rd would regularly extol the achievements of the Department of Public Works & Highways (DPWH) several times a year, such as during the annual anniversary celebration of the DPWH, the State of Nation Address (SONA) or even on Independence Day like the last one in Iloilo.

    It is as if the Chief Executive is delusional, living – or sleeping – in another world or perhaps just in dire need to cite any good news of his sanctimonious administration. How can he sing all the “hosannas” to DPWH as if he is living in a different reality?

    Myriad of Filipinos and foreigners across the country have seen the insanity in DPWH projects in the past five years. Yet P-Noy is so happy with DPWH’s performance!

    During its 117th anniversary celebration last June 22, President Aquino commended the DPWH for a job well-done. “It is clear that your perseverance has improved the lives of our countrymen who always hoped for the improved infrastructure services.”

    First of all, there is no such thing as “infrastructure services” Infrastructure does not provide any. It is transportation that gives services to the people called public utility.

    This is the reason why the names of government agencies involved in building public infrastructure is the “Department of Transportation,” such as in the United States of America and other developed countries.
    In the U.S., the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is under its Department of Transportation. The FHWA is in charge of the “construction, maintenance and preservation of nation’s roads, bridges and tunnels.”

    Even the 50 states in America have their own Department of Transportation that is in charge of building roads, bridges and tunnels. They receive both technical and financial support from the Department of Transportation of the federal government.

    Going back to the presidential statement, you wonder what “perseverance” P-Noy is talking that has “improved the lives of our countrymen.” The only “perseverance” that the DPWH people have done is to line their pockets through institutionalized corruption that has worsened over the past decades since the 1960s. As they say, “Tuloy ang ligaya sa Daang Matuwid!” (The joy of corruption continues with the Straight Path).

    It is also interesting to note that the super- stupid President B. S. Aquino 3rd even gave a P10,000 bonus to all the DPWH employees during its 115th anniversary celebration in June 2013. This he did in spite of all the shameless and unbridled corruption at the DPWH under the current sanctimonious administration.

    P-Noy parroting DPWH reports

    Like a person who is mentally challenged, President Aquino simply quoted the earlier report of DPWH during its 117th anniversary last Monday. The said report was mentioned in the Philippine Daily Inquirer last May 23, 2015 entitled “DPWH Saves P39 B, cites its ‘full transparency’” written by Mr. Jerry E. Esplanada.

    Amazingly, the words that P-Noy used to credit DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson for a “long list of accomplishments” last June 22 were the same exact words reported by Mr. Esplanada a month before on May 23! Below is what appeared in the Inquirer on June 22 entitled “PH moves up in world infra rankings.”

    “The Chief Executive credited Singson with reformed public works processes that resulted in the elimination of waste and curbing corruption, in a more prudent and objective selection of projects, and strict adherence to the policy requiring a program of work with detailed estimates instead of the indiscriminate release of funds.” How wonderful!

    Below is the report of the same writer, Mr. Espalanda, a month earlier on May 23. Notice the words are the same verbatim.

    “The DPWH earlier reported that ‘reformed public works processes resulted in the elimination of waste and the curbing of corruption.’ The agency also implemented a ‘more prudent and objective selection of projects,’ and made sure that the program of work contained detailed estimates of cost to prevent ‘the indiscriminate release of funds.’”

    Well, it seems that President B.S. Aquino 3rd will say whatever the DPWH tells him to. Like if Secretary Singson tells P-Noy that there are 3.3 pounds in a kilo (instead of 2.2 pounds) or there are 2.5 kms in one mile (instead of 1.6 kms), the pathetic president will declare it gladly and proudly.

    DPWH ‘Five Rs formula’

    One of the most cruel jokes in the country is the “Five Rs Formula” of the DPWH: “Right Project, Right Quality, Right People, Right Time & Right Cost.” Well, it only started with the “Three Rs” in 2010 that has now increased to Five! It was just Right Quality, Right Time & Right Cost” then. The slogan was not even original and just copied like the slogan adopted by the Department of Tourism (DoT) a few years ago.

    Now, the DPWH Secretary has added the “Right Project & Right People” so there are already “Five Rs !” This addition must be one of the “long list of accomplishments” of Mr. Singson when P-Noy reportedly “lauded” him for his sterling performance.

    Based on the monitoring of public works projects in the past five years, we at InfraWatch has yet to come across an infra project of the DPWH that is of the “Right Project, Right Quality, Right Cost & Right Time.”
    The REBLOCKING projects of the DPWH are certainly NOT the “Right Projects” because they either destroy roads in good or excellent condition or those that just need minor repairs and maintenance.

    The road-widening projects of the DPWH are certainly NOT the “Right Projects” because they are either NOT needed or cannot be used due to the obstructions therein like concrete, metal or wooden posts. Likewise, the widening of national roads to four lanes even becomes a public hazard because the bridges therein only have two lanes!

    There are also no more space for shoulders for vehicles to park in case of emergency – and not even space for safety barriers beside three-meter wide canals, such as on Kms. 201-203 in the Manila North Road (MacArthur Highway) in Pangasinan. The DPWH road widening on the same highway has even extended to the walls of the private properties beside the additional lane, such as those in Tarlac and La Union!

    Lastly, the asphalt-overlay of DPWH along national roads such as Sucat Road in Parañaque, C-5 in Taguig, and now along Shaw Blvd in Pasig are NOT the “Right Projects” because the surfaces of the pavement are still good. What is worse is that the DPWH under Secretary Singson is now doing double asphalt overlays that are 100 mm (4 inches) thick instead of a single overlay that is only half as thick !

    Rick B. Ramos at rbrpilipinas@gmail.com


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    1. Secretary Singson is very low key and low profile but his agency is sooo busy all over the country that DPWH is dismantling usable roads and do road widening that Singson’ budget had double from 300 billion to 600 billion. Singson agency needs to be audited by COA to check and validate all the contractors who are doing these nationwide road projects infrastructure, if they are needed and right costs! Are these corrupt-free projects? I doubt it. Along the process, the commissions in millions for billions projects must have been spread out by winning contractors over the DPWH hierarchy! To say these projects are corrupt-free is a big LIE for such billions spent on dismantling and re-working the usable roads. Is already wrong! Why fix and dismantle good roads on pretext of widening nationwide if the intention is true and honest. Under the table deals and money changing hands is obvious especially on reworking good and usable roads. Singson is touted and held to be adhering to Pnoy”s “tuwid na daan” policy but behind all these infrastructure jobs there must be a “crooked” deal or two amounting to 100 of millions! So Singson is praised as a “do-Gooder” by Pnoy so the public perception is conditioned that Singson is honest! Tell that to the MARINES!

    2. Johnny Ramos on

      I wonder how the drumbeaters of Pnoy can defend the rise of prices of prime commodities like the commercial rice? It almost double since GMA steps down on June 30, 2010. Pnoy even bragged in a State of Nation address that our country have exported 6 container of fancy rice or about 4,200 sacks to be country when our country consume more 400,000 sacks per day. Nabola tayo. At present the rice imports about 800 million tons of rice per year and no exports and to make matter worse our domestic rice production did not increase. They even introduce to our people the word savings in our national budget. They fooled us in making appear that there is really was a savings or surplus. Our country can only earn or revenues is 2/3 of the national budget and the rest have to borrowed. Have you international debt have tripled since Marcos was overthrown? That is why they keep on telling us that they gave us democracy and lots of debt. Kung isang tao bang nag planong bumili ng isang 500 thousand peso na kotse at di niya ito nagawa dahil kulang pa sa pamilya niya ang kinikita masasabi mo bang Naka save siya ng 500 thousand pesos. Ganyan tayo napaniwala ni Pnoy. Aalis na lang si Pnoy ay si GMA pa rin ang kanyang sinisisi. On the rise of our GDP in which Pnoy will bragged to us, it makes wonder if this is reality or the increase was due to rise of practically all commodities including utilities? The poverty level continously on the rise and more people are of jobs because no new factories are being built. Our people are very honest to the stomach and when chow time comes and no food on the table, these economic gains will be well understood by the masses.

      • Our country has recently imported a total of 250,000 MT of rice from Vietnam. I bumped into former Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, now President Adviser for Agricultre, two Saturdays in our village. I asked him when PH can be self-sufficient again with rice. He could not give any year.

    3. Lately, ang kwento ng isang contractor sinabihan yon kilala niya sa DPWH na hindi na sila nagkikita!…Ang sagot ng DPWH sa kanya ay “nakpagcollecta ka na ba! ang sagot ng contractor ay “:hindi pa”…sabi ng taga DPWH: eh ganun pala, bakit tayo magkikita!…

    4. Jay Z Bacarro • 9 hours ago
      Kung nagsasabi ng katotohanan ang Abnoy/Baliw na Presidente na ito, bakit di niya sasabihinsa mga tao kung saan napunta ang DAP, kung sino ang pasimuno ng DA, saan na ang PDAP at ano na ang nangyayari sa mga kaso sa PDAF na mga kaalyado niya mismo ang involved, sino ang may pasimuno sa Maintenance Contract sa MRT 3 at sa pangongotong sa MRT 3, sino ang may utos sa pagbili ng 21 sirang Helicopters ng DND, sino ang may pakana sa pagbili ng palpak na baril ng PNP, sino ang nag-utos sa payola para pagpasa ng BBL or BBL Payola, sino ang tao sa likod ng kapalpakan ng LTO sa pag-iisyu ng Driver License and Plate Number, bakit patuloy na pagtaas ng Tuition Fees (ipinagtatanggol pa ng gobyerno ang patuloy na pagtaan ng matrikula), bakit palaging ipinagtatanggol ng ng gobyerno sa patuloy na pagtaas ng petrolyo (the govet. Always justifies), pagtatago ng pondo para sa rehabilitasyon ng mga biktima ng Bagyong Yolanda, kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa pagrehabilita ng mga biktima ng Zamboanga Siege, kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa rehabilitasyon ng mga biktima ng Bagyong Pablo, kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa pamamalakad ng MRT at LRT, kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa pagresolba sa traffic sa Metro Manila dahil sa kapalpakan nila sa pamamalakad sa MRT at LRT, kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa paghawak ng krisis sa electrisidad, kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa pag aayos ng ating mga airports, at kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa pagresolba sa Port Congestion. Higit sa lahat ay dapat sabihin ni Pnoy ang tunay na nangyari sa Massacre kung saan isinakripisyo ng gobyerno ang SAF 44 para lang pagbigyan ang terroristang MILF. Saan na ang mga benepisyong ipinangako ng gobyerno sa mga kamag-anak ng SAF 44, samantalang ang bilis ng gobyerno sa pagbigay ng benepisyo sa mga MILF rebels kuno na nagsurrender. Sa panahon din ng administrasyong ito ay walang natanggap na pagtaas ng sahod ang mga empleyado ng Gobyerno, ngunit ang mga opisyal ng GOCCs ay milyon milyon ang bonus. Sa ating mga Pulis at Sundalo
      gusto ba ninyong magpatuloy ang ganitong pagtrato sa inyo ng gobyerno
      (Mamasapano Massacre at Albarca, Basilan Massacre)? Sa mga tauhan ng gobyerno, gusto ba ninyong magpatuloy na ganito ang trato sa inyo ng gobyerno na walang uminto sa sahod samantalang ang mga Cabinet Members, Senadores at Tongressman ay tumataba kagaya ni Drilon. Gusto ba ninyong ipagpatuloy ang “selective justice” na pag maliliit na tao ang nagkasala ay suspendido at kulong agad ngunit pag malalaking isda at kaalyado ay pinawawalang-sala agad kahit limpak na limpak ang ebidensya.

    5. All the things happening now in our country are a confluence of decisions and a result of the way President Aquino tolerated gradually since 2010 after his election thinking that the Filipinos will continue to trust him until the end of his term despite his shortcomings and inadequacies. I think he really did not intend from the very start of his term to introduce and implement reforms decisively. There were slogans, yes but at the same time he was not determined to carry out abrupt changes in governance. What he was after was to finish his term as president in a complacent way just like his days in congress. Overtly, nobody can claim that he is corrupt but he truns a blind eye and a deaf ear to the malpractices of those close to him. When confronted by critics, he gets vindictive. In my opinion, he really wasted the great privilege and hope of many Filipinos who wanted corruption to be eradicated in his term.

    6. Comparing the DPWH today from previous DPWH, there is a very big improvement. The degree may be debatable but any objective observer will agree with me. Not perfect but much better.

      • Rey, kindly let us know the basis of your statement that the DPWH today is a “BIG IMPROVEMENt from the previous DPWH.” Better in what sense. We have been monitoring pubic works projects for the past five years. There may been ‘improvements” that we have missed. Thank you.

    7. Funny how the standards seems to have been set higher when analyzing the Aquino Government. Where where you and your standards when Arroyo was in power? Where were you when Binay was plundering Makati? For the Filipino/s, the Aquino government should be the start to cleanse the corrupt government culture. There is no excuse for any thing corrupt even in the Aquino government but it should be analyzed in totality. It is just pathetic when these so called experts all of sudden appear to become righteous.

      • We at InfraWatch have been doing pubic works monitoring in the past five years? InfraWatch was established to support the Daan na Matuwid of the Aquino administration. We even wrote to and met with Secretary Babes Singson who knows us personally. But something happened along the way. We do work on the ground that includes exposing anomalies or being interviewed in mass media under the hot sun as a resource person. We are NOT armchair experts like those who also comments.

    8. baka nga yung isang gallon eh hindi alam ni AbNoy kung ilang litro ang katumbas eh.Kaya nga AbNoy eh. BOBO de la YUKA. Lahat na lang ng kasi eh nasa kanya: kasi namatay si Cory, kasi anak siya ng kulaburator na lolo at semi-Malaysiano at tsismosong ama na si Ninoy (Jabidah Massacre, kuno), kasi utol niya si Kris na karumal-dumal ang boses, kasi naging congressman at senador na walang naauthor na batas, kasi ACCIDENTAL PRESIDENT, at higit sa lahat, KASI EH UTO-UTO na kadaling utuin nila A-bad boy, Mar, Allan, Lacierda, Coloma, Valte, atbp. kadaming umuuto sa kanya. vow lang ng vow, hehehehe…

    9. The reason for AbNoy to adopt a song of Freddie Aguilar as his theme song entitled BULAG, PIPI AT BINGI. BULAG dahil nagbubulag-bulagan at ginagawang tanga ng mga alipores niya, PIPI dahil takot mabanatan ng mga kaalyado niya oras na bigla siyang mawala sa puwesto. BINGI dahil ayaw pakinggan ang mga hinaing ng nakararami na tutoong nagmamalasakit sa kanya para na rin sa ikabubuti ng administrasyon niya. Bulag at ligtas kuno siya sa kasalanan, Pipi na ang gamit lang eh sampung mga daliri at Bingi sa napakaingay na mga problemang dulot ng kagaguhan niya at ng mga alipores niya sa pagpapalakad ng gubyerno.

    10. The bottom line is, people from DPWH esp. the secretary of this dept. is NOTHING,zERO . He doesnt know how to prepare to draw an advance urban planning for 3 years ETC. . This DPWH is totally mess. there is no plan at all.. Kung ano maisipan at kung ano ang makita hanggang duon lang ang kanilang alam… basta ang nasa utak nila ang pagkakakuwartahan.. wala sa isip nila ang public service.. at iyan ang totoo. tanungin mo sila?? Walang alam sa urban planning for infrastructure..

    11. genesisbughaw on

      A pathetic creature and we ever wonder what genetic composition does have Presidint BS Aquino.

      The yellow bird is seemingly alienating himself as if he an alien.

      The case of yellow ribbon instead of our Philippine flag.

      An alien in the seat of power?

      Oh no! we’re in big trouble

    12. Allen llamar on

      This 2 should be jailed I mean Mr. Aquino and Mr. Singson,once they`re out of power.
      But, it`s too bad I think this 2 has a one way ticket out of the country already.

    13. It is a case of one good Apple put into a crate of rotten ones so that pretty soon the good Apple also becomes rotten. Sec Singson despite all his virtues and the prayers of many who believe in Him simply could not hold back the overwhelming sleeze of this dumb and dumber gang of the moron in malacanang and his coterie of idiots. Babes while I still believe in you I urge you to resign irrevocably right away you might still salvage a little of your past glory as a straight and competent public functionary.

      • Problem is Babes Singson is he is playing the game of the Aquino administration by purportedly staying clean but allowing all the shameless and unbridled to continue. Well, it seems that after five years in his job, he is still Babes in the Woods. I agree that he should have already resigned by now to redeem whatever is left of his dignity.

    14. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Sec. of the DPWH has been SINGing a SONg all the time that he was Secretary. A number of contractors (unheard of before) have evolved and cornered juicy projects and who would be naive not to wonder if the secretary one day would be the riches of P-Noy’s cabinet. Even workable roads are being dismantled for the sake of having a project to show. Such a waste and source of corruption. God bless the Philippines.

      • Yes, with a budget of P200 Billion in 2014 and P300 Billion in 2015, he could end up the richest Cabinet member after P-Noy’s term ends/ By the way, President B.S. Aquino 3rd is so impressed with Secretary Singson the will double the DPWH budget in 2016 at P600 Billion. This is highly suspicious because P-Noy only has six months as president in 2016. It looks like the P600 Billion budget of the DPWH will be used for the presidential elections in May 2016. Mabuhay and Daang Matuwid!

    15. To the Author,
      An excellent piece of journalism that reminds us of the drearth of leadership genes in the pool. Just look around the world leaders and observe silly old men, inept women and greedy institutional dinosaurs, who inherit the positions of importance. All in sad confusion as what to do about the aftermath of the global financial failure, world terrorism and unable to comprehend the gap between rich and poor or even conceive that there is not enough employment to stop the refugee problems. Noy Noy had the good fortune to be elected as the most popular leader in South East Asia. This was such a privilege installed on him by a people desperately in need of a political leader who would bring the country into the 21 st century with renewed hope. This was a missed opportunity that will probably be never be repeated as the population is now fragmented in belief, like all other countries with their groups of dissent and separate agendas, Maybe this outcome was by design or could it be the result of inexperience and lack of common sense in governance. We don’t have a lot to look forward to.

    16. Roldan Guerrero on

      I should say DPWH is one of the most corrupt agency of the government but not exactly because almost all agencies are going stray as a result of PIGNOY`s laziness to perform his job, nor it can be said it is a result of his incompetence or maybe his obsession in Video Games. He prefers playing video games as we know STUPIDS are easily persuaded to believe if they are kept told they are intelligent. I have not seen a President who just relies on the performance of his subordinates by his belief they are his KKKs and they wont betray him. After his term, when he will see his allies will be in EXUDOS and leave him alone in the desert, that will be the time he will wake up from a nightmare.

      • Very well said, Roldan. He will be left by his lonesome self and would not know what had happened.