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ATENEANS marched the street of Katipunan, not once, not twice, but thrice this year as the news about the dictator Ferdinand Marcos being buried at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani reached campus. Together with representatives from UP and Miriam, thousands of students and teachers showed their outrage that Marcos, a president who damaged our economy for personal gain, a president who was the cause of the suffering of so many Filipinos, was going to be buried at the burial site of our heroes. It seemed surreal. How can the government so easily forget? Marcos gets a hero’s burial while some martial law victims are still in unmarked graves. When President Duterte asked people to “move on” and “forgive” it only opened up old wounds. Without even an apology from the Marcos family that plundered our nation, we cannot truly move on. Forgiveness demands justice.

With 70,000 people imprisoned, 34,000 tortured, and 3,257 dead at the hands of the Marcos regime, after all the terrible things that he did to our beloved country, how can one call him a great president, let alone a hero?

Facebook commentators are quick to call Ateneans “yellowtards” for being anti-Marcos, but contrary to what these Marcos loyalists believe, I do not simply see this as a war between Marcos and Aquino. This was, and continues to be, a fight of the Filipino people for their right to freedom. When we protest, we stand with neither Marcos nor Aquino. We stand for the Philippines. We stand for the thousands of who were tortured and killed during martial law. We stand for those who are still in poverty to this day, so that the Marcos family can send their children to boarding school in England and have fancy jewelry. We stand for those whose families were broken up, those who lost parents, and those who lost children. The Philippines does not deserve this. Thirty years after a bloodless revolution that brought down a dictator, the Duterte administration buries that dictator as a hero. Heroes, like President Magsaysay and Ninoy Aquino, are buried with the support of a nation that honors them, with crowds of people mourning their loss–not hidden like a thief and protected from the wrath of the people by the police. The way in which the burial itself took place already says a lot about what the public’s perception of President Marcos is.

Marcos being laid to rest in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, a burial site for heroes who died out of love for the Philippines, is like a slap in the face of everyone who stood at EDSA praying the rosary for the freedom of our nation from a dictator and a spin on the grave of every imprisoned and tortured victim of the martial law era. The government hiding this from the people and their outright denial of knowing this would happen is a great injustice. It hurts me to see the lack of shame of the Marcos family. It made me long to not be Filipino for a second, to live in a country like Japan where if government officials are caught doing what is unjust, they step down out of shame. Like how the samurais in ancient times committed hara-kiri, a form of ritual suicide by disembowelment, when they bring shame to themselves. But I realized that we must continue to fight the good fight, because when one is not angry about all the wrong things happening in the world, they are part of the problem.

The historical revisionism of this act of allowing Marcos’ remains to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, and the message that our president sends to the Filipino people by having this done has left me heartbroken.
On one hand, I am disappointed that some of my countrymen are so quick to forget, and it is said that those who forget history are often doomed to repeat it. There are many who still believe that those who are fighting against Marcos are doing so because we are “brainwashed” by the Yellow side. There are so many who deny the victims of this terrible era.

On the other hand, I am proud of my school. I am proud that the administration encouraged the students and professors to hold off class for one day to stand for what is right. I am proud to see my fellow Ateneans truly be “men and women for others,” and speak for those who cannot. I am proud to see them stand up for the victims of martial law and continue to go against injustices, even though it is not the easiest thing. I am proud to see them unite with others in One Big Fight. As our parents and grandparents took to the streets in 1986, we do so too. It gives me hope that my generation is one that will continue to fight against injustice, even when it feels like hope is lost.

Camille Jimenez is a 4th year AB Interdisciplinary Studies student at the Ateneo de Manila University.



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  1. Never forget what? You don’t even know the facts in the first place. There are two high profile personalities during Martial Law. Former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile is known as the architect of Martial Law. Former President Fidel V. Ramos is known as the implementor of Martial Law. Over 90% of the atrocities committed were done by the PC and the paramilitary units and Ramos was the head of the PC-INP. Before you ask people to not forget Martial Law why don’t you ask for a public debate or discussion between representatives of the Martial Law victims on one side and Enrile and Ramos on the other side? I am sure the people would learn many things from this public discourse. Oh I forgot that the yellows do not want the facts to come out so they can keep playing victim and blaming Marcos. They want to milk the fallacy and use it to get back into power so they can steal more money from the people.

  2. jose b taganahan on

    Marcos was not given a heroes burial. He was given a burial befitting a former President and a war veteran.While i condemn Marcos for declaring martial law I would say that there were many good things that Marcos has done for the country like in his time the Philippines once achieved rice self sufficiency thru massive infrastructure projects in irrigation, power development, bridges and road networks. It is also now very clear that those allegedly ordered killed by the late dictator Marcos in his 20 years of reign is now fewer than those murdered thru extra-judicial killings in relation with the campaign against just less than 5 months of this present Duterte administration

  3. What would be the scenario if Marcos did not declare Martial Law and the Communist had takeover the government The Philippines would be like that happened in Vietnam, there were thousands of thousands of refugees fleeing the country mostly the rich. Those rich people studying in Ateneo, La Salle would nowhere to be found.

    Another, the Left/NPA also committed human rights violations. So to be fair lets forgive. by the way CBCP does not know forgiveness but likewise formenting chaos.

    Today’s rally, I’m sure the drug lords are happy and might giving financial support to the anti marcos protesters.

  4. 30 Years!!! 30 years and counting and we’re still at it. when marcos was ousted in 1986 thru the ‘people power revolution’ it was touted that freesom was finally attained. Cory was even brandished as the ‘icon of democracy’. 5 presidents after marcos, where are we? We’re in a rut.

    Previous administration have provided laws where the victims of martial could seek redress and repartions. So why it is taking so long. The pcgg of bs aquino could have done something. Did they?

    Yes, justice to the martial law victims. But how about all the other unjust killings as mentioned in one post above? don’t they deserve the same ourage? What about the hacienda luisita deaths who fought for theirs rights to their land? And this was perpetrates not by government but by one family – aquino-cojuangcos. And you say this is not about the marcoses and the aquinos? Wasn’t it cory who started this hate campaign against the marcoses?

    That marcos is a great president and a hero is entirely subjective. Not everyone is saying this. He was buried at the LNMB because he was a president and soldier. Period.

    Do not forget the past. Learn from it. Move forward so that we may build a better future. And why put the entire blame on pres duterte

    This fixation on the marcoses will never end. There will never ever be closure. I believe majority of filipinos have grown apathetic. Will it always be about the marcoses?

    By the way, please read R. Tiglao’s column, a true blue atenean and victim of martial law. Also, ex VP Doy (salvador) Laurel’s letter to Cory written in 1988.

    And be enlightened.

  5. You need to learn life and how to live it. Do not be indoctrinated into taking up someone’s cause as your own. Your education should have taught you that you cannot do anything about the past. Just think about what Japan did to Filipinos during the war. It was far worse that anything Marcos did. After the war we all just moved on with the realization we could not change anything that happened.

    Demonstrate and try to change the things you see that you can change. The man was legally buried. Let this one pass and move on to bigger and better things.

    • Exactly right, during WW-II some traitorous Filipinos even collaborated with the Japanese invaders to condemn hundreds of thousands of their fellow Filipinos to torture and death, the name Benigno Aquino, Sr. comes to mind.

      So when this propaganda tool pretty face tells us never forget, well girl you already have.

  6. kasalan to ni Du30, simula ng maging Presidente sya LAGI nalang may Problema Pilipinas. I hope mapalayas na sya

    • Yun nga ang problema e, ang mga idol mo di pinapansin ang problem basta may pera. Kaya manigas ka ngayon.

  7. You say you want justice for Martial Law victims. What about justice for Ninoy Aquino? Why did you not march during the time of Cory Aquino, her annointed Fidel Ramos, and her son Pnoy Aquino to get justice for the killing of Ninoy Aquino? Why did you not march to get justice for the killing of DILG Sec. Jessie Robredo and his pilots? Why did you not march for the 4 million Filipino addicts and thousands of EJKs when Noynoy Aquino was president and Delima was Justice Secretary?

    • Why should we continue to seek justice for Ninoy when his own family did not lift a finger? Obviously they had other things in mind, like keeping their Hacienda.

  8. If you really stand for the Philippines, did you march for the tens of thousands of victims of Yolanda who were further victimized by the Aquino government? Did you march for the HK tourists massacred at Luneta? Did you march for the SAF 44 and their families? Did you march for the victims of the hacienda, mendiola, lupao and kidapawan massacres? Did you march for the almost 4 million pinoys who are addicted to meth? Did you march when Pnoy bribed congress into impeaching CJ Corona for an unimpeachable offense? Did you march when Pnoy jailed GMA without a case? Did you march for the policemen and soldiers who die everyday at the hands of the narcos? I don’t think so. I think you only march for the yellow oligarchs and yellow priests.

  9. A lot of our youths have been influenced by their mentors, who in turn were either influenced by their leftist mentors or were leftists themselves. The leftist script of the Marcos and martial law saga of our country has thus been propagated and has become firmly entrenched as gospel truth through the years, until this time. Many of our youths don’t know that, and unfortunately, they don’t know what they don’t know.

  10. Ateneans are a brainwashed lot. What a pity. These country club school scions of oligarchs will never produce real leaders who can effect real change. These students are being molded to perpetuate an unjust and exploitative system. Tragic, just tragic.

  11. The fact is that Marcos-Aquino are just personality in the period of politics wherein our nation was on uncertain circumstances that two sides of political idealism was on their height of rivalry, US-Capitalist principle and USSR-China-communism wherein Good vs. Evil..we survived that period of politics and the politics we are facing now is about the politics of equality, prosperity and order..our country is in chaos forget about Marcos and Aquino’s self ambition to demonised the latter!!We must move and think forward!!

  12. 30 years still blaming Marcos for economic woes??that is ridiculous, while Japan was flattened by atomic bomb and war, same as Germany by allied forces..these nations never blamed their oppressor but rise from the ashes and here we are still making Marcos a big deal, you should only blame yourselves and the leader you chosed after Marcos!!

  13. When did you heard Harvard or Oxford students participated on partisan politics actively?!Why our politicians and university heads encourages this kind of student activity..only in the Philippines that youth are dragged and exploited by crooked politicians and political groups..for their own interests, pathetic!!

  14. 12 years of Aquino rule and the Marcos issue was never addressed with any finality. Now comes along a president that has the backbone to do something about it and the yellow-hypocrites erupt in protest. What comedy …

  15. I wonder why these students do not have the same zeal and rage for more horrifying sins of post- Marcos administrations? They are not marching to denounce the merciless and senseless killing of the SAF44, the Mendiola massacre, the Hacienda Luisita massacre, the neglect of the Yolanda victims and the the many other gross neglect of the past administration like horrendous traffic everyday and illegal drugs proliferation. They have long-term memories of martial law but zero memory of equally horrible atrocities and utter incompetence of the past dispensation. Why do they give so much importance to Marcos? Selective condemnation? Sick people. Pathetic.

    • the schools were thought to be a bastion of education lols, I wonder until when are they going to be fed this crap.
      Hey Camile your being Fed Crap.

    • bakit ikaw hindi mo ma- condemn mga ginawa ni marcos? Selective condemnation ka rin pala. Pathetic

    • @MGA_IMBENTO Eh yung mabubuting ginawa ni marcos di mo makita, Kung Tama ang edsa bakit , mahirap pa rin ang Pilipino, the fact is narrative na lang MArcos at Aquino, wala naman nagawa mabuti sa Pilipinas ,

      Alam mo matagal ako naniwala dyan sa mga yan hanggang mapansin ko ang taktika nila sa Politika.
      Siraan ang may mas utak sa kanila at ilagay ang mga kapatdapat sa Tinging nila eh nag eleksyon pa tayo kung Kayo lang masusunod.

      Nung panahon ng Masasampano nanahimik kami
      Nung panahon ng Yolanda nanahimik kami
      Nung panajon ng Laglag Bala Nanahimik kami

      Humanda ka na lang sa Eleksyon. Ano Kayo na lang may karapatan mag ingay.

    • Iha baka di mo alam na si ninoy ay nag apply na CIA at sya rin ang nag dikit ng CPP sa NPA.
      AT si Joma ang nag mitsa ng martial law yung plaza miranda Bombing tanong mo na lang sino man nag tuturo sayo.
      Kung gusto mo ng First Hand Knowledge magtanong ka na lang sa mga 70 years old pataas kung gusto nila ng panahon ng MArtial Law.
      check mo rin asian history mo kung magksabay ang pag aaklas sa SG at sa Pinas. At sino ang naging mas mabait kesa kay LKY at FEM sa pag handle nung time na yun.