• New beginnings


    IT is spring in the other parts of the world. A beautiful time of the year when everything is fresh and a-bloom. But while we in the Philippines only enjoy two seasons, my favorite frangipani or more popularly known as calachuchi tells me it is so when her branches start to fill with buds and its fragrance waft through my window.

    You can tell it’s back to business as radio and print commentaries once more fill the air about the never-ending saga on the Mamasapano massacre. We are now entering into the second quarter of the year and we are still stuck in the same topic. It is no wonder that nothing gets done. People are still in vacay mode for the summer and by the time you know it, it is already the third quarter. But while we say we must not forget Mamasapano, we also say we must move on for there are many other things that need scrutiny.

    For example, let us not forget the DAP funds whose recipients include legislators who have been charged by the Ombudsman, the PCOS especially with elections coming, the typhoon Haiyan victims who until now have not recovered from the devastation and many others.

    Meantime, there is a new group of individuals that have banded themselves together under the name HoReCa Philippines.

    HoReCa is short for hotels, restaurants, cafes and catering. Among its objectives is to provide a platform for budding food entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services via festivals and consumer trade shows. Triccia Dacer of Dacer Legacy conceptualized the idea after the success of Horeca Festival in Makati last year.

    Also with the pack are renowned travel and food blogger Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet fame, RJ Ledesma of Mercato Centrale, Agnes Macaspia of Le Soleil de Boracay, Margie Munsayac of Bluewater Maribago and Bobby Hoorigan of Misibis Bay.

    The way I look at it, HoReCa Philippines can be a game changer in the tourism industry as it positions itself among industry stalwarts. This promises to be an exciting time as the group prepares to launch its debut project in July 2016. So watch out. Will tell you more as the days go by. Hmmm, by that time, we would have a new President.

    With Christ’s resurrection, we are all given a new beginning in life to correct the mistakes of the past since Jesus died to redeem us from being doomed for our sins. I hope we use this to our advantage as a nation. Otherwise, we will never rise up no matter how many times Christ is crucified on the cross.

    God is Great!



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