• New Canon executive offers Filipinos new work perspective

    Lim Kok Hin is the newly appointed president and chief executive of Canon Marketing Philippines Inc.

    Lim Kok Hin is the newly appointed president and chief executive of Canon Marketing Philippines Inc.

    Does the idea of “doing more but working less” seem a bit illogical?

    For Lim Kok Hin, the newly appointed president and chief executive (CEO) of Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. (CMPI), this is the very idea he wants to inculcate to the hundreds of Filipinos he now leads.

    Lim optimistically shared his vision for the local company on August 12 when CMPI officially introduced him to members of the press at the Dusit Thani Manila in Makati City.

    ‘The ambition gap’
    Lim’s directive in Canon Philippines is actually part of a bigger program that the he first spearheaded in Canon Singapore in 2010. Called “The Ambition Gap,” it aims to enable people to bridge the gap between their ambitions.

    Explaining the elements of the program, the top executive began by saying that each person, especially those who have a family and career, suffers from ambition gap.

    “All of us have two ambitions. One is the ambition at home, and the other is the ambition at work,” he said. However, he added that many tend to become focused on one ambition alone and in effect often neglects the other.

    In his case, he had seen so many examples of co-workers and employees prioritizing work over family—the very reason for the creation of his program.

    According to Lim, the program addresses this matter by enabling both individuals and companies to become more productive through opportunities provided by technology. Thanks to effective and efficient tools one can finish work easier and faster.

    While this concept applies to technological advances in general, Lim particularly cited reliable Canon products—from professional cameras to industrial printers, among its wide portfolio.

    “With this, employees can do more yet work less. I challenge Canon Philippines to go home one or a half hour earlier [than their official time off],” Lim enthused.

    Learning Filipino
    After sharing his corporate goals for CMPI, Lim also revealed his personal objective while staying in the Philippines: To learn to speak Filipino.

    Since taking on his post on July 1, Lim proudly admitted that within 30 days, he already learned hundreds of Filipino words, and could even handle every day discourses. He is determined to fully understand and communicate using the language in the next six years.

    “I believe as president of a company, this will allow me to be deeply entrenched in the Filipino society. I’ll also know what people is talking about, what they like and don’t like,” he elaborated.

    He then compared the Philippines to with his native land, Malaysia. He said, “Malaysia is very like the Philippines. Penang is like Cebu, and Sabah like Davao.” He noted he met his first Filipino friends in Sabah.

    Asked by The Manila Times how he reacted to his appointment in the Philippines, Lim replied, “I was very happy and excited about it because I love discovering new places and meeting new people.”

    He added, “The Philippines is a very young country with very young people.”

    And the new expatriate cannot help but feel enthusiastic with the view that he had come to the country at a time when “it’s about to bloom.”

    Lim is a 30-year Canon veteran who had previously held executive positions in Canon Malaysia, Canon Singapore and Canon Southeast Asia. He is married with two children. He is an avid golfer, and enjoys a good read during his free time.


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