New ‘Edsa’ to call for Aquino’s ouster


An influential group composed of well-known personalities is recruiting socio-civic leaders who could bring in the numbers to spark an Edsa-like movement that will call for the resignation of President Benigno Aquino 3rd, who allegedly betrayed Filipinos by sending 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos to their death.

Retired Lingayen- Dagupan Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz withheld the names of the leaders, but hinted that the group is composed of retired and active military officials, former government officials, Catholic Church bishops, officials of Protestant churches, Muslim leaders, personalities from the academe and some legal luminaries.

Some of the leaders, he said on Tuesday, are current members of the House of Representatives.

Edsa was the venue of two historic bloodless People Power revolts—in 1986 when Filipinos spent four days to call for the ouster of strongman Ferdinand Marcos and in 2001 which ended the presidency of Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

Cruz, who spearheaded the fight against the illegal numbers game jueteng, said some of the new Edsa movers will come from the National Transformation Council, a group composed of civic and Church leaders that had also called on Aquino to step down.

He added that Filipinos are angry because the President had caused the death of the “Fallen 44.”

“No less than 44 precious lives lost–wasted, mutilated, desecrated. Mostly young PNP-SAF members mercilessly killed. Parents lost their beloved sons. Spouses lost their dear husbands. Children lost their precious fathers,” Cruz said.

According to the archbishop, the President, suspended Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima and Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa were responsible for the death of the SAF commandos in the hands of Moro Islamic Liberation Front separatist rebels on January 25.

“They were commanded to go to a place supposedly to capture two known extremists. There, they were instead massacred by members of different war advocates talking peace with the government,” he said.

Cruz added that the Catholic Church is now very much involved in the ouster movement, with 15 bishops condemning and blaming the President for the Mamasapano (Maguindanao) massacre.

He said the rallies being planned will be peaceful.

The group’s inaugural rally will be launched in Manila, with similar activities planned to be simultaneously held in the provinces and in major cities.

“Out of the gross, detestable and continuing national shame, something is coming to fore: More and more people are resolved to get the supposedly noblest and highest public official out of the way. He is nowhere worth 44 lives. The earlier he is gone, the better,” Cruz said.

Meanwhile, the National Union of Students of the Philippines also on Tuesday also called on Aquino to step down for grave abuse of authority, gross negligence, betrayal of public trust and conspiracy with a foreign government, as they deplored the President’s allegedly subsequent cover-up of the Mamasapano carnage.

“The Mamasapano clash is just the tip of the iceberg, but it has revealed how irresponsible and inhumane Aquino’s leadership is. Aquino has once again abused his authority and committed gross negligence,” Sarah Jane Elago, the group’s national president, said in a statement.

“We seek justice for all the casualties in the Mamasapano clash and hold Aquino, [Purisima] and the US government responsible for the ‘conspiracy’ and ‘organized massacre,’ sacrificing the lives of the SAF, the Moros [Muslims] and civilians,” Elago added.

The student group claimed that the President authorized Purisima to push through with the Mamasapano operation without informing the chain of command of the PNP, Armed Forces of the Philippines, the government and MILF peace panels and the Department of Interior and Local Government.

“As if abuse of authority and gross negligence were not enough, Aquino has once again violated public trust by lying through his teeth for trying to cover up the Mamasapano incident. Just like how he lied about his pork barrel and the illegal Disbursement Acceleration Program, he tried to wash his hands off the bloody incident in Mamasapano, but to no avail,” Elago said.


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  1. The commentators here against a government trying hard to lead the country must have parents who have not participated nor learned from the short history we have had since Marcos, and have not taught their sons and daughters what corruption, tyranny and repression really means. They speak from the comforts of their computers in the internet without knowing what it is to live the life of true repression, not knowing the sacrifices of those who suffered and brought this freedom of speech in the comforts of their homes. They have not learned from whom these politicians and military learned their kleptocracy.
    Please, please we cannot build institutions you do not participate in, nor not let your voices heard in the streets, not know the true facts behind the Facebook posts, not know the agenda behind the media seeking sensational news and not discern what truth really means.

    Will the PDAF senators be sent to jail in Binay’s watch? Our economy is growing not because of the economic agenda but because this government is honest. Thinks in the total perspective of the country’s welfare.

  2. I dont agree ousting the President. MaybeBinay must be celebrating for this call. I dont like. Let President Aquino stay as president till his term ends. Choosing Binay as the next president is like a masaacre to the country. Id rather get Erap back than Binay.

  3. Vicente Penetrante on

    Yes, ask the people to come to Edsa. Aquino will invite the people to come to Malacanang. At the rooftops of the palace, there will be snipers. ‘Deja vu.’

  4. papa resign nyo?? at sinu naman ipapalit ninyo?? si nog nog Binay??!!! AY WAG NA!!! mas lalong lalala BANSA natin!!!

    • isang taon nalang ang tatapusin ni Noynoy bakit di nalang kayo mag concentrate na hayaang bigyan ng husisya ang SAF 44?? bakit kelangan pa pababain ang presidente sa pwesto nya?? nakalimutan nyo na ba lahat ng nagawa niya sa BANSA natin?? sa tingin nyo?? hindi ba kayo nabigyan ng resulta na ika gaganda ng bansa natin tungkol sa kanya?? mag isip nga kayo!! puro kayo WELGA!!

    • tama.. wag ng ituloy at mas lalong di pwedeng si binay ang pumalit sa kanya.. saan tau pupulutin nyan sakaling pumalit si nognog…

    • alsa masa na!%100 palitan na ang isang inutil na Presidente, pupunta ako dyan kasama ang mga kapitbahay ko,military takeover na pag katapos mag patawag ng snap election…

  5. Sana Meron pang pwedeng ipalit na matitino…yung mga matitino na politicians like De Villa and Orbos are no longer active in politics. We hope that they will get active in the political stream again as the nation needs them right now.

  6. Introducing the 3 Ps responsible for the Mamasapano massacre – Paquito Purisima Pinoy……the dumb, the dumber, the DUMBEST!!!!!!! People now urge you THREE to resign!!!!! You have no business being in government service because you have failed miserably!

  7. Once the date is announced, people like myself will be there. I am a common Filipino who has had enough.

  8. military takeover? look at thailand and the instability it brings. election is one year away. this to me is a ridiculous spur of the moment move, fueled by people in those groups with ulterior motives. Can you please site a government that succesfully transtitioned from a military takeover to progressive democratic dev’t in the recent years? From bloomnerg no less.

  9. on

    Pooor Flipinos !!! You have a narcissist for a President.

    “there is no worse price than capitulating before an enemy who attacks you without any right to do so.”

  10. Who will take over for P-noy -The most corrupt political figure in the country which is the Binays family. Of course second to power is the vice-president will take over. He might sell the Philippines to China to get more money for his family. You need to think it twice who will replace P-noy.

  11. wag ng magpabaya pa nang hindi lumala ang paghihirap ng bansa, patalsikin na ang huwad na makabayan, patalsikin si PNoy, now na!

  12. muriel magtanggol on

    Tama, tanggalin yan, sibakin is the word…pero utang na loob, Huwag ipapalit si Binay osi Drilon. I’d rather have a military take over leading to a transitional form of government. Panahon nang pagbabago. Huwag natin ipalit ang subok na kurakot na Binay at Drilon!

  13. Catholic bishops na naman ! Palpak na sila kay Cory, palpak kay GMA, ngayon palpak na naman sila dito kay BS, puede ba huwag nalang muna sila makisawsaw?

  14. The commander-in-thief is inutile, he must be oustered by people , it is very ripe for the military and civilian to call for “Kudeta” patalsikin na now na!

  15. After 5 yrs now lang napagtanto? The Luneta fiasco was the first manifestation. Before pa mahalal, nakalahad na ang track record niya-walang laman na track record at walang capability mag lead, pero binoto pa din kase hype ang yellow ribbon after his mother’s death. Then who will take over? Binay…no,no,no. Sarswela talaga. Maawa naman kayo sa Edsa,gagamitin na naman.Kaya ang dilim at ang pangit ng Edsa eh. Hayaan na lang na tapusin niya ang term niya.

  16. Mga gonggong mag isip muna kyo. resign agad presidente,? sino ipapalit nyo ung nognog na magnanakaw.

    • A big NO rin kay Drilon o Belmonte. Delikado naman kung ipagpaubaya muna sa isang military con civilian junta.

    • muriel magtanggol on

      Cool ka lang! There’s such a thing as military take over and a transitional government. Reject Binay and the Senate President and Speaker of the house. Puro kurakot at makasarili!

    • Dominador D. Canastra on

      Hindi po si Binay. Ang National Transformation Council po ang magiging tagaayos ng nawarak na presidency at mag-prepare ng transparent and honest elections–walang mandarayang Smartmatic PCOS machines– sa 2016.
      Kung hindi po kayo isang sundalo ng Yellow Army, magbasa namang kayo ng medyo malalim tungkol sa ating bayan. Kung sundalo kayo, may God open your heart and mind to the truth about the Aquino administration.

    • Hindi tayo ganoon ka kitid na muling maulit ang nakaraan kung magmumula sa mga traditional political parties ang mamumuno… Titiyakin natin na ang mabubuo ay ang isang Transition Council na kung saan well represented ang lahat na struggling sectors na lumaban mula EDSA 1 and 2… Babalangkasin ang representasyon ng mga marginalized sectors… hindi kasama ang pseudo marginalized groups na kagaya ng mga Party List na mula sa elite… Ang Transition Council ang magtatalaga ng mag rerepaso sa Saligang Batas, pagsasawalang bisa sa lahat ng mga tratadong di pantay o di naglilingkod sa bayan… lahat na mga tratado na ilalim sa balangkas ng globalization ay isasawalang batas… Gagawa ng proposal upang tapatan at pabutihin ang proposal ng NDFP sa Socio-Economic reforms agenda sa ilalim ng Peace talks… ibig sabihin sa National Transition Council paramount ang usaping pangkapayapaan… ang National Transition Council ang magtatakda sa isang malayang halalan… kung baga ang National Transition Council ay magiging isang “revolutionary government” na siya sana ang ginawa ni Cory… Sa National Transition Council titiyakin na ang mga naghaharing uri, kagaya ng panginoong maylupa (kagaya sa angkan ni Pinoy) mga malalaking burgesyang komprador (malalaking negosyante) ay hindi isasali… bagkus ang kanilang kaalaman sa kalakalan ay kailangang i-tap sa pagtatayo ng isang maka-taong pamayanan… ika pa… national democracy na may soscialist perspective…

    • military takeover? look at thailand and the instability it brings. election is one year away. this to me is a ridiculous spur of the moment move, fueled by people in those groups with ulterior motives. Can you please site a government that succesfully transtitioned from a military takeover to progressive democratic dev’t in the recent years? From bloomnerg no less.

  17. Yey, Elago!!!Keep up the good work for EDSA-cuatro or Edsa-cinco. And yey to retired-bishop Cruz UNA representatives and the National Council council. Glad for the meet free parking at the World Class Makati Parking Garage and other privileges.

    It is good to continue the effort. Senate hearings or not, allegedly no way for SAF44!!!

  18. sonny dela cruz on

    That’s the right way to do it to get him out by force because he has no intention to resign but be sure the military will not shield him. I have no trust with the military because maybe the generals were also given the DAP to keep them silence like what they did with the congress and maybe with Purisima too. I believe once you become successful, cancel Aquino & his group their passports and I believe they may ask for asylum in Malaysia.
    Malaysia will give them asylum and then bargain their return for the Bangsamo Basic Law once again when the Philippine ask for their extradition. Good luck mga kabayan, you’re doing the right thing. Mabuhay ang Filipinas.

  19. Now na! – sa EDSA tayo
    Not tomorrow.

    If Cory is alive today
    She calls on his son – “Make a supreme sacrifice for the sake of the Country.
    She said this remarks to GMA – Hello Garci!
    What about NOYNOY?

  20. There should be a definite separation of the church and the state. I was born and raised a Catholic but the Catholic Church’s meddling with the state’s affairs is beyond my comprehension. There is so much corruption within the church and the church should do in-house cleansing first. Oust Aquino? Who do you have in mind to replace him? I believe there should be a thorough investigation on the recent massacre. Is ousting Aquino the best solution? The Philippine Catholic Church I believe is being used by power hungry individuals to serve their evil motives.

    • Maria Teresa Rosales on

      A thorough investigation would be a waste of time, if you ask me. ABNOY has proven time and again his stupidity and lack of political know how. He lacks the moral compassion even to show his sympathy to the bereaved families. I would say oust him. He has embarrassed us and our country enough.