New frigates on order, most heavily-armed ships of PH Navy


Should the Department of National Defense (DND)’s P18-billion frigate program come into a successful conclusion, the two ships will be the most heavily armed vessels in Philippine Navy (PN) service.

Technical specifications obtained by MaxDefense: Philippines, a blogsite for Philippine defense related matters, revealed that the ships, at minimum, will be armed with:

-76mm gun at forward section with target tracking radar and/or electro-optical target acquisition and fire control computer;

-one stabilized secondary gun;

-four . 50-caliber machine guns;

-primary and secondary guns shall be integrated to combat management system;

four surface-to-surface missile launchers, minimum 50km range, active homing seeker and ECCM capability;

-surface-to-air missile launching system, minimum quadruple launcher, minimum 6km range, IR or semi-active homing seeker, with ECCM and/or IR CCM capability;

-anti-submarine torpedoes, minimum range 2km, minimum depth 500m, with acoustic countermeasures capability, two triple launchers (one on each side).

With these armaments, the ships will be capable of engaging any aerial, surface and sub-surface threats that may intrude in Philippine territory.

At present, the most potent weapon system in PN service is the 76mm Oto Melara main gun and Mark 38 Model 2 25 mm “Bushmaster” auto-cannon fitted in the Gregorio Del Pilar class frigates and Emilio Jacinto class patrol vessels.

Earlier, PN Patrol Force head Commodore Jose Renan C. Suarez said that the two frigates will be the most capable yet in Philippine service due to its capability to detect and engage airborne, surface and underwater threats simultaneously.

Suarez said that these ships are part of the PN’s “Navy Frigate Program” which has a timeline of 2013 to 2017.

He added that these ships are designed with numerous upgrades cycle to ensure that they will remain relevant and competitive against new vessels coming in line.

Suarez said that these ships will greatly enhance PN’s capabilities to defend the country’s vast maritime territories. PNA


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  1. The Philippines should continue it’s arms procurement program for the navy and add more vessels to increase defensive capabilities. To do that, it should be made sure that no more graft and corruption persist and that politicians should not be pocketing people’s money.

  2. Only in the Phil! Even before our battle ships and military “might” could be put into action, the supposed to be military secrets are already in every newspapers, even for our enemies to learn how to neutralize them comes the D D.only in the Phil that we expose our assets in times of war by selling our gas assets, e.g Petron & Tel Comm via ZTE to our future enemies! STUPID PRESIDENTS

  3. I for one, supports the upgrading of our obsolete-decades-old military hardwares just in time to protect our country from rampant violations committed by these Chinese navies, and the hijacking of our western territories planned by these modern pirates.Move on Pinoys, modernize yourself to the 21st century.

  4. PH should also look into buying submarines (3) with surface to surface missiles, new fighter jets similar to what Singapore is buying and more surface to air missiles to protect the Pag-asa Island and the northern and southern most islands of PH. PH people will benefit from technology and will refrain other countries from bullying PH.