• New grants from Japan


    Japanese Ambassador Kazuhide Ishikawa exchanged notes for four Grant Aid Projects amounting to ¥3.8-billion with Honorable Enrique Manalo, Acting Secretary of Foreign Affairs, and Honorable Lotta Sylwander, Country Representative of UNICEF Philippines.

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced to President Duterte during the summit meeting in Manila on January 12 that Japan would cooperate constructively through these projects for the socioeconomic development of the Philippines.

    Acting Secretary of Foreign Affairs Enrique Manalo (left) and Japanese Ambassador Kazuhide Ishikawa

    CARE program
    Amounting to ¥1.85-billion or approximately P791-million pesos, Consolidated Rehabilitation of Illegal Drug Users (CARE) program is aimed to support treatment mechanisms and related policies for illegal-drug users by the Department of Health through budgetary support for treatment facility and guideline formulation.

    Economic and social development program
    This program is aimed to contribute to safety improvement as well as socioeconomic development of the Philippines through the provision of counter terrorism/safety-related equipment like patrol vehicles to the Philippine National Police. The said program has the amount of ¥500-million or approximately P214-million.

    Improvement of equipment for power distribution
    With a project amount of ¥771-million or approximately P329-million, it is aimed to strengthen and stabilize the basis of power supply as well as contribute to the peace and development in the Mindanao region by enhancing and rehabilitating the distribution of electric cooperatives through the provision of related equipment in the Bangsamoro area.

    Peace-building and Education Support
    This project is aimed to improve to the humanitarian situation of the children in conflict-affected areas in the Mindanao region by assisting to improve sanitation as well as education for them and to promote peace building through UNICEF. It has a project amount of ¥725-million or approximately P310-million.


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