New group proclaims support for Binay


Muslims, Christians and lumad banded together in support of the presidential bid of Vice President Jejomar Binay.

At least 40 core leaders of the Integrated Alliance and Movement for Binay (I AM for BINAY!) met on Wednesday in Greenhills, San Juan City (Metro Manila) to discuss the intricacies of their nationwide campaign.

“More than a year of relentless attacks against the person of the Vice President and his family members, the people—the downtrodden Filipinos—have spoken through the latest survey,” Maulan “Alan” Balangi, chairman of the group said, referring to the latest Pulse Asia survey that showed Binay leading by considerable margin against other aspirants.

In the December 4 to 11, 2015 survey, Binay got the nod of 33 percent of the 1,800 respondents. He was followed by Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte with 23 percent, and Sen. Grace Poe, 21 percent.

“The vindication has started. The roses bloomed anew after a relentless baseless accusations,” Balangi added.

Interestingly, the same survey showed that Binay is popular among the E and D classes, getting 42 percent and 30 percent, respectively. Binay is also ahead in the National Capital Region with 30 percent, in the rest of Luzon, 34 percent and the Visayas, 34 percent.

Duterte is ahead in Mindanao and among the ABC bracket.

Revor Lasay, secretary general of the group, said their members started organizing small groups in various parts of the country when the Senate Blue Ribbon was investigating Binay in connection with the alleged overpriced construction of the Makati City Hall Building 2.

“Unlike others who are afraid of coming out in the open, we have been pursuing this campaign because we believe in VP Binay’s sincerity to uplift the Muslim Filipinos from poverty. He is the only one who could bring peace and order in Mindanao. He will unite the Muslims, the Christians and the lumads in Mindanao,” Lasay said.

Lasay is the head of the Sectoral Anti-Poverty (SAP) Movement Philippines Inc. while Balangi is the president of 1Bangsa, an organization of young Muslims.

The two groups joined together to intensify their campaign in support of Binay.


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  1. The ones who believed in that nationwide demolition show were in aghast now that they finally deciphered the unsound informations being fed to them by the circus…the solid core group of Binay supporters are ever more undaunted after the vindications received by the VP…I am very happy for him now that the decks have turned.

  2. Ako ay naniniwala sa Kakayahan, Karanasan at Komitment sa bayan. Yan si VP.Binay,
    Hindi ako naniniwala sa mga Hearsay.
    Akoy naniniwala sa actual na gawa!
    Ako at ang aking Pamilya dito sa Australia, ay na iniwala kay VP.Binay.
    Makikita na lang sa botohan.Dahil ” NO BIO,NO VOTE”kapag wala kang Comelec ID?
    Dka pweding Bumoto! Kanya-Kanyang gusto lang yan at paniniwala!At karapatan kung
    Sino Ang gusto ng bawat isa.Sino Pa Ba?
    ONLY BINAY SA 2016.Tama na Ang Siraan at
    Maling paniniwala…Alamin Ang katotohanan!!! D ako mahilig manira sa ibang kandidato!D rin ako mahilig makikipagtalo!Basta BINAY Ako, ikae, Sila
    at kaming lahat sa 2016..
    #CampBinay- Our Future President 2016.

  3. Yes for Binay… Those charges will not stand in court thats why the VP Want it addressed in courts of justice rather than the kangaroo courts of Trillanes, Cayetano, Pimentel all of whom are running for elective positions.isnt it obvious?

  4. Carlos de Castro on

    I don’t believe this. For not answering the charges hurled to him, Binay will be in prison here in the uSA and in china he will be put into ta fring squad. In the PH some wants him to be Pres. this I could not described. It is very shameful to read in some magazine describing Filipinos as the stupidest of voter when they voted for this Binay as a senator rather than another person more more better than her.told my wifethat if Binay win I’ll never retire in the phil.wake up FILIPINO;;;;;;;;

    • If it is in the US, i believed Binay will be cleared immediately because it is very obvious that it is demolition job against him. In contrast those senators who are members of the committee for sure they are in the hot water if it is in the US. they will find themselves out of office long time ago. US is not idiot country tyo believe to hearsay and lies. If you dont want to settle your retirement to Philippines. Its not Binays fault. Its your decision.

    • isidro c. valencia on

      VP BINAY has already answered all allegations and charges against him. He has already submitted five (5) Affidavits containing facts, laws, arguments, reasons with voluminous documents to the Senate Blue Ribbon Sub Committee. The three talangka (Talangkang Kulaga, Talangkang Bakla, Ate Alan ganin, at Talangkang Koreano didn’t bother to read in the Senate sessions and did not rebut.

      In addition, VP BINAY has already explained his positions in media (social, traditional), seminars, conventions, and schools.

      Don’t you know that this Senate Burlesk Show spent about 7,100 hours in useless investigation in aid of demolition. This is the longest hearings in the history of Senate, and not a single bill or law has passed pertaining to Graft And Corrupt Act Practices.

      As elected Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines, VP BINAY has the prerogatives, rights and privileges not to attend the said hearings as matter of respect to the position of the Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines.

      Had VP BINAY attended the said hearings you will hear disrespectful words against the good Vice President. Kahit na murahin nila si VP BINAY, these three talangkas cannot be sued because of their parliamentary immunity. That is the reason why VP BINAY said he is willing to answer all the charges and allegations in the Court or Office of the Ombudsman.

      What are you doing in the US? Water boy, shine boy, and you don’t know what is really happening in the Philippines.

    • That’s right! Isidro Valencia, Very well said!And I Believe VP.BINAY IS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT IN 2016!
      I think they should know what is really
      Happening in the Philippines right now!
      #CampBinay-Our Future President 2016.
      God Bless Philippines!

    • Mr Carlos De Castro, anybody can accuse anyone, even me can accuse you of being corrupt, kawatan or anything malicious against you, but the problem is how true are my accusation, how strong are the evidence to support the charges

      Thats what happen to BINAY