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New Haribon affiliate


Founded in 1972, Haribon Foundation began its cause for biodiversity conservation as a membership society. Forty-three years later this November, it remains steadfast in this advocacy as another partner in conservation declares its support for the environment via Haribon’s affiliate program.

The STI College Muñoz-EDSA is the 54th school of the Systems Technology Institute (STI) college system, offering a wide-range of facilities and programs for its students. Today the college can now offer its students the opportunity to become biodiversity champions as well. As noted in their institutional mission and values, the college aims to care and protect the environment.

According to its NSTP Coordinator Wilson Morano, “We believe Haribon will be our effective partner in carrying out our Institution’s core values and mission — to care and protect the environment as well as empower our stakeholders and communities that we support.”

Haribon affiliates serve as partners with the Haribon Foundation in empowering individuals and groups to enact change for the Philippine environment. They work with Haribon to build a constituency for conservation through their members, while working with communities in critical biodiversity areas and networking with other non-government organizations, local government units, schools and the private sector to protect and restore our natural forests.

Why become an affiliate?
An annual Affiliate membership helps the Haribon Foundation carry on with its work for biodiversity conservation, particularly in educating people about the environment and what to do to help in its protection.

Haribon Affiliate members enjoy oppor-tunities like guided bird watching, snor-keling and diving, tree planting, attending symposia, film showings and discussions on various environmental issues and participation in fundraising events. There are regular orientation sessions for members and an annual General Assembly to share important milestones, build camaraderie and enjoy fellowship among members and biodiversity.

Become a Haribon Affiliate!
The Haribon Affiliate program helps the conservation movement reach more people, while helping groups become champions for biodiversity conservation. Haribon Affiliates are classified into two groups: Tandikan for student organizations and student groups; and Katala for corporations and non-government organizations.

To learn more call Haribon Membership at +632 421-1209 or email today!


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