New horrors from the creator of ‘The Walking Dead’

    Karen Kunawicz

    Karen Kunawicz

    It seems the folks behind the new show Outcast have gone out of their way to make the pilot episode, “A Darkness Surrounds Him,” accessible. Locally, you could watch it on Fox International where it has been heavily promoted for months, if you miss that, you could catch it a day later on TV5.

    You could have also gone to the Facebook event page starting last Saturday and accessed links to watch it for free.

    Outcast is the newest material by Robert Kirkman—who gave us one of the biggest series on cable right now, The Walking Dead (going on its seventh season). Here, we’re dealing with demonic possession with a few hints of domestic abuse, depression and childhood trauma. Like TWD, this is based on a comic.

    The main character is Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit from Almost Famous) who we find in very bad shape—he’s a recluse, completely not interested in any kind of grooming, cleanliness or proper eating habits. He takes a lot coaxing from his adopted sister Megan to step out of his house in the grim town of Rome, West Virginia.

    His foray with Megan results in child hood traumas remembered; he also again meets Reverend Anderson and comes face to face with Justin Austin (Gabriel Bateman) a 10 year old who appears to be possessed by a demon.

    In one scene, Kyle basically slugs it out with this kid who fights with unnatural powers and speak in voices not his own.

    While the two people I spoke to found the first episode compelling enough, to continue, I find I only have room now for The Walking Dead (Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are a big bonus) as far as the TV horror genre is concerned. I only just got as far as episode one for the spin off, Fear: The Walking Dead.

    Outcast has a four-episode run for the first season.

    Also got to catch Nice Guys with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in a combination comedic LA Noir-buddy film. Trust Iron Man 3 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director Shane Black to deliver the goods on in the action comedy genre. Gosling and Crowe have great chemistry and they did put us squarely in the 70’s.

    Films opening today include: Maggie’s Plan with Ethan Hawke, Julianne Moore, BillHader, Maya Rudolph, Greta Gerwig and Travis Fimmel (out of warrior wear) and the thriller Our Kind of Traitor with Ewan MacGregor, Damian Lewis, Mark Gatiss and Naomi Harris. Tomorrow, brace yourselves for The Conjuring 2.


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