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The local music scene is filled with talented musicians nowadays especially the independent bands and acts. This proves that OPM is alive and be much livelier if more people get to support homegrown acts.

One independent band is that got noticed by major music label MCA Music and signed them up for a recording contract. The label got the rights to their indie debut album and is now available on CDs nationwide and on digital platforms worldwide.

MilesExperience started out as a blues band in 2011 but revamped their image in 2014 into making music that is unique and something hardly heard in the local industry.

This group from the UST Conservatory of Music is composed of Miles Bondoc on vocals and guitar, Tim Dadivas on drums, Ian Diaz on bass, Guido Hizon on keyboards and Justin Teano on guitar.

Music Geek sat down with them one day to know more about their background.

How did your band name MilesExperience come about?

Miles: We started out as a blues band. I listen to a lot of Jimi Hendrix. We kind of got the experience from the Jimi Hendrix experience and my name. So we combined it, making it MilesExperience. One word.

How and when did you start?

M: We started out in school. Then Tim approached me in 2010. We started as a four-piece band then two of our very first members left. Then came Justin and our bassist before. We wanted a keyboard for the band so Guido came. As we progressed, our former bassist left and then came Ian in 2014.


How do you describe your music?

Guido: We really can’t describe our music at the moment because we have different influences.

M: It ranges from jazz to classical to metal to pop to rock to R&B. Maybe that’s our sound. A little bit of everything.

Why Again & Against as the title of your album?

G: We were writing at 70s Bistro and we were thinking of an album title. And we can’t think of an album title because every title we have thought of was already taken. Then we thought of Again & Against as a witty title. We were in the middle of the road and we were against the flow of cars who were coming again and again.

How is it being signed up by MCA Music?

M: It’s great since record labels don’t typically sign up independent artists nowadays. It’s gratifying to be signed to an international label.

What does music mean to you?

M: Music is our life. We want to make everything out of music.

How did the recording process go?

M: We recorded “Love Supreme” first back in 2014 and soon after we recorded “Home.” We were recording in between a few months. We weren’t recording fully because we had no money. Being an independent musician, it’s hard to earn if you do what we do. So we were really lucky that we were earning a little. We finished the album around 2016.

Tell us about some tracks in your album.

G: We were just jamming in Miles’ place. We were thinking on how to make a song. Then we discovered that progression is the best for pop. We made a riff out of that progression. Miles had a set of lyrics. He had a lot of pre-written lyrics so he just picked one of those to …

M: Try to get it in the riff.

G: That’s how “Love Supreme” was made.

Ian: “Silakbo” which means a burst of emotion in English, the song speaks about every man’s struggles in life and how they cope with it. How they choose to live their dream.

M: Basically it’s about following your dreams. “Anggulo” is about complicated relationships. About a guy and a girl, girl and a girl, guy and a guy fighting over their struggles in life and with each other.


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