New LED TV with ‘lowest’ power usage


High definition viewing pleasures and power-efficiency now become a true screen option for many Filipino television consumers as TCL, The Creative Life, brings a host of novel advances in display technology in its latest 32B2600 LED model.

More with less power
Carrying a slim, thin border design, the 32B600 model sets a new standard by producing crisp, definition display screen with the lowest power consumption for an edge LED backlit LCD TV—a maximum of only 45 wattage use.

Besides its energy-saving benefit, TCL 32B600 is in its entirety a big departure from other mainstream TV brands with similar technological aspects, as the latest model is designed very user-friendly—it does not require many complicated adjustments to ensure consistent and enjoyable viewing quality. Besides high-definition display, the 32B2600 also transcends the technical limitations of passive luminance in both LCD and LED TV technologies with its NaturaLight Engine II.

“All these advantages, combined with NaturaLight Engine II, account for power consumption which is efficiently reduced to at least 42-percent from its 45-watt consumption, as tested thru a local power meter available in any electronics shops nationwide,” said Bernie Li, marketing manager of TCL Sun Inc.

Literally “backed up” smartly, the main principle of NaturaLight Engine II is its intelligent backlight adjustment which works on guaranteed saved-on energy, without compromising picture quality. This backlighting feature, along with NaturaLight Engine II, also empowers the system’s built-in “All Intelligent Healthy Environment Lock Up” technology which enables the unit to keep in sync with the eyes’ natural mechanism. Effectively converting the horizontal light waves emitted from the screen to circularly polarized light—which is closer to natural light in terms of most physical properties—the NaturaLight Engine II ensures the absence of harmful glare by greatly reducing, if not eliminating, the passage of panel light stimulus to the eyes.

Apart from power and cost-efficiencies, TCL 32B2600 comes fully integrated with amazing features, such as High Definition Display, Dynamic Contrast Control, High Contrast, Digital Noise Reduction, Blu Ray Technology (USB 2.0 HD movie playback, photo and music playback), HDMI and PC (VGA) input with Audio.

With the full readiness features of TCL 32B2600, all one has to do is hit one button and immediately get to enjoy the TCL LED TV advantage without blurred images, and automatic adjustments for the color brightness and contrast while producing the lowest power consumption for 32-inch LED TV in the market.

For more information on this technology, follow TLC’s Facebook account at or call 771-6888.



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