• New license plates are tamper-proof, says LTO


    License plates for cars and other private vehicles will now have three control letters and four digits such as LTO-1234, while motorcycle plates will have two control letters and five digits such as AA-12345.

    The Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced that it will be issuing new motor vehicle license plates this week, sporting new designs that will not just be easier to read but have tamper-proof features.

    LTO’s spokeperson Jason Salvador said the new plates will have black lettering on a white back–ground that can be read from a distance.

    He added that the new plates has done away with ad–ministration slogans such as “Matatag na Republika,” and the Rizal monument logo, but instead indicated the region where the plates were issued.

    Salvador said this was part of the “plate standardization program,” which he said will make it easier for the public and for law enforcers to tell genuine plates from fake ones. An LTO stamp on the plate will make it harder to clone, he added.

    Another advanced feature of the new plate is a bar code system that when scanned can indicate the vehicle’s chassis and motor numbers, color and make.

    Plates for public utility vehicles on the other hand, will have three control letters and four digits plus their routes.

    LTO chief Alfonso Tan, for his part, said the decision to change vehicle plate numbers under–went public consultations.


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