New May 1-3 SWS survey result exalts Robredo, belittles Duterte


THE Social Weather Stations continues to try our patience and credulity.

The shamelessness and commercialism of public opinion polling in our country is showing even at this time when the elections are already over.

This is the conclusion we were impelled to reach as we beheld over the weekend a report from the SWS. It said it conducted a trust survey last month, which showed President-elect Rodrigo Duterte with an anemic trust rating of 26 percent, while Vice President-elect Leni Robredo enjoyed a heart-stopping trust rating of 45 percent.

Our quizzical reaction to this survey mirrored the reaction of everyone else. Why on earth would Ms. Robredo, who barely won, enjoy a higher trust rating than Duterte, who has just been elected to the presidency via a landslide?

Why is she rated so high when her electoral victory is under question by so many on so many fronts?

The gullibility of the public with respect to this SWS survey is being taxed to the limit when we consider that the survey was actually conducted on May 1 – 3, a full week before the elections on May 9.

Why did SWS conduct a trust survey at that point, why not a pre-election preferential poll?
Was the reason to restrain Duterte’s inevitable victory in the elections and to condition the public to accept Robredo’s victory at the polls?

We would understand if SWS were conducting a pre-election preferential survey on May 1 – 3. What we cannot comprehend is why SWS conducted a trust survey during that period? We simply do not get the point. And we also do not understand why we are being regaled with the survey results, one month after the election for a sinister motive.

The timing of the survey and the timing of the survey results’ release indicate the dirty hands of SWS.

They leave the impression that SWS’ main purpose is to moderate public response to Mr.Duterte’s victory, and to inflate public acceptance of a Robredo victory. And that this survey may actually have been commissioned by the Aquino administration in advance of an electoral result, which it expected.

In its explanatory note on the survey, SWS said that the survey used face-to-face interviews with 4,500 respondents nationwide, an unusually high number of respondents for a local survey.

SWS also said that the survey questions were non-commissioned, and were included on SWS’ own initiative and released as a public service.

Public service? How is the Filipino public served by this kind of opinion polling, which few people will understand or believe?

In our view, this trust survey should be more fittingly classified as propaganda. So what is SWS propagandizing? And for whom did SWS really undertake this survey?

In announcing its surveys, SWS invariably declares that BusinessWorld has first crack in publicizing the results. Does this mean that BW pays for the surveys? Yet the business newspaper has never once publicly stated that it commissions the SWS opinion polling?

Finally, we take issue with the decision of SWS to contrast the trust ratings of Duterte and Robredo, as though one were more trusted than the other. This too is totally absurd, considering that the survey was conducted on May 1 – 3. So what if Robredo was more trusted during that time than Mayor Duterte?

All this strains public credulity, and it is no more credible than the SWS practice of conducting a satisfaction survey on President Aquino, instead of the universal practice of measuring public approval of sitting Presidents and Prime Ministers. It perennially reports high satisfaction ratings for Aquino, even when the nation is choking on his presidency.


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  1. ONLY stupid and gullible people will believe such survey dated over a month now! Tapos na election ngayon pa inilalabas? How stupid can that be? SWS and your boss the Aquinos and Liberal Party, you cannot fool the Filipinos anymore. There’s social media, that’s where we get our info now. After all, it was on social media where Duterte gained his fame. Just accept the fact that people no longer depend on mainstream biased media. God is exposing Aquinos’ dung all over the place. And it’s nasty!!!!

  2. Francis Grengia on

    Wag nyo ng awayin si VP kasi wala naman kinalaman yan sa survey SWS na lang questionin ninyo

  3. Mind conditioning na yan ng kultong yellow ribbon, para sakaling maupo at agad agad e impeach si digong eh kapanipaniwala na naman, gaya ng ginawa sa pag angat ni Leny sa poll survey ng nakaraang kampanya

  4. SWS you can not fool all the Filipino people all the time with your fake survey results! I think its time there should be proper investigation of SWS by Duterte administration.

  5. The frequent bashing of Leni Robredo by Marcos loyalist has obviously gathered support for Leni.that includes me and millions of “silent majority”. I always believe that DU30 only won 30% of the 16 million who voted for him. These are his die hard supporters and the 70% millions Filipinos were trick or join the band wagon into voting for him because this group of voters thinks he is the Messiah who can bring peace and prosperity to the country. In fact, he is now dividing the country by anointing BBM and questionable people to his cabinet. There will be backlash within his party as proven by the squabble between Alan and Coco for Senate Presidency and many other issues. So once again, I suggest that the DU30 and BBM supporters need to be more receptive to the changes that are coming.

    • The survey was done before the elections so it has nothing to do with Leni gaining support because of frequent bashing.

      Anyway, mirroring your logic, maybe 10% who voted for Leni are the only ones who really liked her and the 90% just didn’t want BBM to be VP.

  6. the survey is totally absurd . The survey was conducted on may 1-3, before election day. If Robredo trust rating is much higher than of Du30’s trust rating, how come Du30 got almost 17m votes, while robredo who barely won the VP race only got 14m?

  7. The problem of this columnist is he or she is comparing the SWS rating to his own perceived results. If you do not believe the survey, so be it, do not read the results. Nobody is forcing you to believe the results. When Duterte over took Poe in their survey, I refused to believe the survey. Sure enough, they were right and I am wrong.

    • Because the result is unbelievable! Read your facebook comments and you’ll know exactly the truth! 21M voted for Duterte… Kasi dinaya kaya naging 16M na lng… will Digong gets a trust rating that low? Besides, d pa nakaupo kita mo gumagawa na ang kapulisan at local governments para sugpuin ang druga… Is that unpopularity? Compared to Leni who victory is questionable!

    • Wolfgang Struck on

      Out of 10 replies you are the one and only who does not understand nothing. Congratulations. Incumbent Aquino will love you. WS

  8. P.Akialamiro on

    Truly, this is propaganda, pure and simple. It aims in conditioning the minds of the people in preparation to the Plan B or, whatever plan B S Aquino III or The Last has, to justify the ‘removal’ of Duterte and the succession of Robredo.

    But, this suirvey cannot be “dumber”, considering all the circumstances surrounding it and the timing, most of all. While being so, it is an “insult” to the Filipino people. Finally, it only shows the ‘idiotic’ plan or purpose of the survey and its sponsors.

  9. SWS has lost all credibility. Only Inquirer put this latest survey on their headline..and the brainwashing begins.

  10. This is exactly why Duterte has taken notice of media and surveyors .
    We call this Plastic organizations set up to spread intrigues and reckless information. Perhaps, there must be an Investigation who are behind the payroll of SWS , this could be very revealing.

  11. Petition to close SWS and other survey institution they are useless, it was designed for yellow cult only. Fake VP Robredo the Lugaw Queen has 45% trust rating? by who? what I know is majority doesn’t like her including the Pres. it self.

    • If voters do not like Robredo, why then did she won the VP position ? Now, you are going to say there was Fraud, then show us plus the Comelec your proof .it is very hard to say opinion when there is no proof or only here say. This is a big question to all readers, if the Liberal party choose Robredo as president, will Duterte win the presidency ? It is just a What If question ?

  12. Mario Arocha on

    Truly, SWS deserves Robredo’s and her backers much higher pay for exposing itself as a mercenary.

  13. SWS and Pulse Asia are actually business entities hiding under the guise of “credible” survey firms. They will produce whatever results or outcomes that its commissioners (clients) want, for the right price.

  14. You hit the nail right on the head. I had the same questions and comments you wrote on your editorial. A pre-election trust survey on only TWO candidates – Mayor Duterte and Rep. Robrebo and published more than a month after election. Why, did they have any previous knowledge that these two candidates will win in the May 09 election (but the vice-presidential results still under protest)? Only in the Philippines, sad to say!

    Thank you and more power,


  15. Spread to the world that henceforth SWS surveys will no longer be believed in.

    Down with SWS. Shame shame shame.

    • Very true – The Survey is Wrong. Mirriam is the true winner-Not Duterte. Shame on you SWS