The new MB Sprinter Intelligent, interactive, innovative


A fascinating design, safety features at a very high level, maximum cost-effectiveness, customer and sector-oriented details and a connectivity package that takes infotainment systems and telematics applications into a new era: in every sub-discipline, the third-generation of the Sprinter defines the top class in the large van segment.

However, where the founder of this segment actually shows its true strengths is in combining its individual attributes into an overall system solution.

“In the logistics and transport world of the future, variability and the availability of customer-specific solutions are the essential success factor. Just offering customers a good vehicle is no longer enough. As an all-rounder, the new Sprinter must be more than just the sum of its parts. With an unprecedented number of variants, new connectivity services and a new telematics generation, it is a tailor-made end-to-end system meeting an enormous range of commercial transport and mobility requirements,” said Volker Mornhinweg, head of Mercedes-Benz Vans.

“This means that the new Sprinter achieves precisely what its preceding generations demonstrated before it: Once again, it redefines the van segment. This makes it the ultimate in smart hardware, and it will raise its segment, the business of our customers and our own business to the next level,” he added.

Together with the likewise completely new telematics generation, which celebrates its parallel premiere in the A-Class, the new connectivity solutions of Mercedes PRO connect provide the perfect basis for all conceivable logistical and transport requirements, from the complex management of a large fleet to a small company fleet. The Sprinter not only demonstrates its outstanding adaptability in terms of connectivity and the services based on it, but can also be perfectly tailored to the relevant sector and customer requirements. This also includes an attractive price level from 19,990 euros in Germany (price excludes VAT) for the entry-level version with front-wheel drive. The new Sprinter can be ordered now, and from June it will be available from Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle centres in Europe.

“More than 3.4 million units delivered in 130 countries is a proud record for the first two generations of the Sprinter. This unequivocally confirms that the Sprinter is a global player, and must cover an unbelievable bandwidth of country and industry-specific requirements. This is why we have therefore expanded the already broad Sprinter portfolio even further,” said Ulf Zillig, overall Sprinter project manager at Mercedes-Benz Vans.

“We are able to service specific market segments even better with a multitude of new product features. In combination with its connectivity, the new Sprinter opens up more possibilities in efficiency and process optimisation than any previous model from Mercedes-Benz Vans,” he added.

More than 1,700 different Sprinter variants
Panel van, Tourer, pick-up, chassis, bus or tractor head as body types, three drive configurations — with front-wheel drive as an option for the first time — cab design, body lengths, tonnages and load compartment heights: these parameters alone allow a further increase in the number of possible Sprinter variants. More than 1,700 different versions can be put together, far more than with the preceding model.

This maximized modularity defines the core of the new Sprinter concept, reflecting both sector-specific requirements and different customer segments. The sector-specific solutions cover a range from classic courier services over the last delivery mile to goods transport over longer distances and right up to service technicians who use their vehicle as a mobile replacement parts store. The new Sprinter can also be put to work as a camper van or bus, and is used as an ambulance by rescue services. The target groups are just as diverse as the applications.

So the Sprinter supplies the answers to all transport needs for both tradition-conscious owners and cost-conscious fleet managers. The relatively young group of start-up managers e.g. providing delivery services in the urban environment, and also future-oriented career changers with a clear objective of sustainable mobility, will also find a home at Mercedes-Benz Vans.

The Sprinter also opens up completely new fleet and vehicle management possibilities as well. Innovative connectivity solutions ensure a leap in efficiency and a noticeable reduction in the administrative tasks relating to the fleet. All the optional connectivity services are grouped under Mercedes PRO connect.


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