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    Despite the incessant throng of songs released by international artists, the Filipino musician continues to thrive with their own singles that have a worthy place on personal playlists. While music from the world’s biggest artists truly provide listening pleasure, Filipino compositions do the same with a bonus of pride.

    The following OPM songs from different genres will make you think how talented Filipinos are and should be worthy of support.

    Milesexperience: ‘Sunshine’
    After releasing their debut album “Again & Against,” which produced the hits “Silakbo,” “Love Supreme” and “Anggulo,” former indie band turned signed group Milesexperience is poised to conquer new territories with the release of their brand new single “Sunshine.”

    Poppert Bernadas’ ‘Go With the Flow’ is a perfect reminder that we need to roll with life’s punches

    “Sunshine” conveniently symbolizes a process of “rebirth’ of sorts for the band. The members describe the sound of it as “festive, like a peaceful morning. Something that could probably signal our exit from sadder lyrics.” Revealing that the inspiration behind the song is “a surprisingly good morning after a stressful night,” the band confesses that it is now “looking at the brighter side of things even through the heat.”

    “Sunshine” will be part of an upcoming album to be released under the MCA Music.

    MilesExperience started out as a band from UST formed by friends who share the same passion for music. industry. The group is composed of Miles Bondoc on vocals and guitar; Justin Teano on guitar; Ian Diaz on bass; Guido Hizon on keyboard and Timothy Odulio on drums.

    Poppert Bernadas: ‘Go with the Flow’
    Poppert Bernadas, one of the original members of the award winning vocal group Ryan Cayabyab Singers (RCS) releases his first single, “Go with the Flow,” which he penned as a birthday gift for his supporters. It is a light and upbeat song and a perfect reminder that no matter the situation or circumstance we find ourselves in, we need to roll with the punches and keep moving on. It is distributed under Curve Entertainment.

    Poppert was a contestant on “The Voice of the Philippines Season 2” in 2015 where all four celebrity judges turned their chairs to see him during auditions. He was eventually coached by popstar Sarah Geronimo.

    ‘Sunshine’ symbolizes a process of rebirth for former indie band Milesexperience

    Poppert is also a theater actor who has delivered critically-acclaimed performances for lead roles in musical theater production such as “Rak of Aegis”, “Lorenzo” and recently “God Spell” by Stephen Schwartz.

    Leanne and Naara: ‘Run Run’
    They captured listeners with their singles “Again” and “New York and Back,” and the singer-songwriter duo Leanne and Naara will do so once again via their brand new single “Run Run.”

    The song is about running away “from the ones that we love” for different reasons like insecurity or thinking you are not good enough for the other.

    No plans yet to release an EP or an album after three singles but they still continue writing songs. All the same, Music Geek thinks it is time for them to go for it, judging from the quality of songs they have made.

    Leanne Mamonong and Naara Acueza began performing together during their first year of college, but neither one of them knew how far their first school performance would take them. Five years later, they were signed under Warner Music as Leanne and Naara.

    As a singer-songwriter duo, their process usually involves the music to start with. Of course, there are occasions when they already have a theme, therefore giving them bigger space to write lyrics first. The pair agree that when lyrics come before the melody, the songwriter already knows what kind of feel he or she wants to give off on that track.

    Leanne and Naara’s ‘Run Run’ is about running away ‘from the ones that we love’

    More new OPM songs are coming out this week. Take your pick from “Di Makatulog” by Sud,

    “IL2LU” by James Reid, “Balisong” by The Juans, “Talk” by Cheats, “Isang Tingin” and “Sabi Ba Sa ‘Yo Eh” by Ella Cruz, “Di Magbabago” by Teejay Marquez, and “Pambihirang Pagibig” by Gab Ramos.

    All tracks are out now on digital streaming via Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer and digital downloads via iTunes.


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