• New opponent for Pacquiao if Bradley or Marquez not available



    Boxing idol Manny Pacquiao could face a new foe next year if a rematch against unbeaten American Timothy Bradley or a fifth fight against long-time archrival Juan Manuel Marquez does not push through.

    Pacquiao’s Canadian adviser Mike Koncz said negotiations for Pacquiao’s possible next opponent is ongoing with the Top Rank Promotion and his identity will be revealed before the Christmas holiday.

    But Koncz said it is not necessary for Pacquiao (55-5-2 win-loss-draw slate with 38 knockouts) to face either Bradley or Marquez in his scheduled April 12 fight in US.

    “We are not limiting our choices to Bradley or Marquez since there are many fighters available,” Koncz told the Manila Times Friday. “But so far I can’t comment on that since Top Rank hasn’t given us yet the list of Pacquiao’s next possible foes.”

    Asked how about a Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. dream bout this year, Koncz said: “Everybody likes to see that fight but there’s no negotiation at this moment.”

    At the same time, Mayweather is set to fight in May next year against a still undetermined opponent.

    If Bradley or Marquez is not available, Russian Ruslan “Siberian Rocky” Provodnikov would most likely be his next opponent, although Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach doesn’t like that fight to happen.

    The Pacquiao-Rios fight last November 23 in Macau has generated little less than $500,000, according to Top Rank Promotion chief Bob Arum.

    “It’s very, very difficult when you’re not doing the fight in the United States,” Arum, 82, told ESPN in an interview. “The [pay-per-view] industry told us when you do an event that far away, you can expect to do maybe 30 percent of what you would ordinarily do on the fight.”

    Pacquiao, 34, scored a 12-round unanimous win over Mexican-American Brandon “Bam-Bam” Rios in that bout.




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    1. Well R Papa how many ppv did it do in china as their fee was $5 not $65. You might kid yourself on manny making a lot more but i bet when he fills his tax returns in he doesnt say his ppv was a lot more. Would you like a bet on it.

      • Apples and oranges, the $5 is for mobile access and not for cable TV. You seem to forget that Japan, UK, Germany, etc charges PPV. None of those revenues are reported in the US. There is no need for Manny to hide anything since taxes are remitted by the employers and in this case, TOP Rank and HBO. Manny is a none US resident and files a 1040-NR. All of the fiascos are nothing but politics at its worse in the Philippines. All these came about after Manny declined moving to an opposing political party. Pacquiao is probably the only elected politician never took a single dime out of the government coffers and yet you have an issue with that. Why not freeze the assets of those that stole from the government? This is why the Philippines can not get out of the quagmire its in since the criminals are task of prosecuting the other criminals. In addition, People like you who continue to be ignorant of the country’s woes is why corruption continue to exist on a massive scale. In addition, I merely corrected the erroneous reporting that 500K PPV is vastly different than a $500K revenue.

    2. Mayweather or Nothing, these 2 best and legend fighters only one thing can separate and settle the score once and for all. Whose the real King of the Ring, only one will be crown as the King of Boxing, Pacman or Mayweather. These will generate more than 5 million buys all over the world for sure. Match of the 21st Century.

    3. The fight did not generate $500,000 in the US but rather 500,000 pay-per-view buys that totaled approximately $32,000,000. Each PPV is about $65 each. Please know what you are writing about.