New PMA officers


It is always a proud moment for any parent come graduation time for it is both the shared fulfillment of the graduate and the parents. Seeing Philippine Military Academy graduates in their finest hour make parents like us and viewers just as proud. We see how orderly, disciplined and dignified the cadets are marching in unison and to become new officers and leaders soon.

President Aquino’s message to cadets “to live the Honor Code” outside of the Academy is a challenge. He said they should not allow themselves to be used for abuse and violence. Many of our leaders in the Armed Forces of the Philippines come from the Academy and are doing an excellent job in their present posts. We are sure the new graduates will follow the same path. As we congratulate the graduates, parents, their families, we also congratulate the PMA for producing future leaders, heroes and protectors of our nation and people.

Life in the Academy is not an easy one. It is also not easy for mentors and professor’s lives whose responsibility is to mold the cadets’ character and hone their skills on soldiery. As we see it, the PMA continues to carry its prestigious name and with each year inspire young men and women to follow a life of service to their nation.

Mrs. Gemelinda B. Gomez
Ligao, Albay


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  1. Siony Camacho Bana on

    No one could be proud of a military academy like PMA that has failed to teach the cadets, that honor codes cannot be properly observed irrespective of others rights . Common sense always goes hand in hand with intelligence, without it, then they are made to follow like a robot (memorizing the rules without understanding how it should be applied sensibly and appropriately.