• New PNP chief targets dirty cops, filthy toilets


    PHILIPPINE National Police (PNP) chief Ricardo Marquez on Monday declared war on two “enemies” – dirty policemen and filthy toilets.

    In a speech after his first flag raising ceremony as chief of the 160,000-strong police force, Marquez urged all policemen and non-uniformed personnel assigned at Camp Crame to maintain cleanliness inside the police headquarters.

    “Starting today… I don’t want to see an unclean comfort room,” Marquez said, noting that filthy toilets can affect the image of the police force.

    “All of us at the national headquarters, let’s help each other. Let’s clean our camp. Let’s make sure all comfort rooms are clean,” he added.

    The PNP chief then met with all district directors of Metro Manila to discuss the programs “in the next 12 or 14 months.”

    Among the matters Marquez discussed in the meeting was the new disciplinary mechanism in the PNP.

    “You see in the newspapers, you hear in the news about the involvement of some of our members in illegal activities. It would be a tragedy if we don’t do anything to end this,” he told the police officials.

    But while he vowed to take action against police scalawags, Marquez said outstanding policemen will be recognized and rewarded.

    “In my assumption speech, I said we should go back to the basic of policing and that’s patrolling. I’d like to see more policemen on the ground because first and foremost, that is our job,” he said.

    The PNP chief also promised to end factionalism and patronage system in the police organization.

    “I also ordered a reform in the policies about placement and promotion to address the sentiments of some sectors and other officers,” Marquez said.


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