New policy on driver’s license stopped


THE Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) has stopped the implementation of an Administrative Order requiring professional drivers to secure clearances from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and police before renewing their drivers’ licenses.

DOTC Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya, during the Senate deliberation of the DOTC budget, agreed to suspend the new requirement being imposed by the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Senate president pro-tempore Ralph Recto questioned the new policy in the wake of mounting complaints from public utility vehicle drivers who said the order is detrimental to their livelihood.

Recto said requiring professional drivers to get NBI and police clearances is another burden because they will be spending hours or even days just to secure the documents.

The DOTC came up with the requirement as part of its effort to ensure public safety by making sure that tricycle, jeepney, taxi, bus and other passenger vehicle drivers have no pending warrants of arrest.

But officials could not answer when Senate President Franklin Drilon asked them what offenses would disqualify an applicant from being issued a driver’s license.

With the suspension, an applicant for a professional driver’s license will only need to secure either an NBI clearance or police clearance and not both.


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  1. This country needs to sort these very simple things out. Other countries did this years ago. My god you dont even have a driving test in this country so no wonder when you go to other properly run countries they wont let filipinos drive there.
    In the uk we have the dvla to regulate our drivers. To drive a car on the roads you have to learn theory of driving as well as being able to drive the car properly. You have to do certain manouvers like reversing into a parking space & a hill start & many things. Here you get a lecture & thats good enough to drive on your roads. Thats why you have so many accidents its because people never learn to drive properly.
    Then you need speed & traffic light cameras to catch drivers that totaly flout the law. Then you need the police & traffic enforcers to strictly enforce the driving laws of this country. Its all very simple but not to filipinos.

  2. Use your common sense mr. Drillon…. Theres a lot of way or idea to discipline or to revoke the license of the driver who violated traffic rules etc. i will give you sample IDEA Mr. kulas…Drillon.
    1) Three consecutive traffic violation will revoke the driver licenses.
    2) make acciddent – immediate confiscate driver license with penalty of certain amount. or put him in jail. to discipline the drivers.
    3) hit and run driver – immediate put him in jail and revoke driving license asap.
    4) make driving license for light vehicles – 5 years validity before renewal. need NBI clearance only before renewal.
    5) heavy driving license – 3 years validity before renewal. need NBI clearance only before renewal.
    sayang lang ang inyong pagkasenador..wala kayong silbi.. ganun din ang secretary ng DOTC…
    Feed your mind.