• New pork scam boss bared


    The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Office of the Ombudsman have been asked to investigate several allies of President Benigno Aquino 3rd who were not included in the first batch of the cases filed in connection with Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scheme.

    The Bukluran ng  Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) made the request, saying a Commission on Audit (COA) report may have uncovered another big pork barrel scam artist, whose operations could rival or surpass that of Janet Lim-Napoles.

    In separate letter-complaints to Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, the militant group attached copies of the COA report on the questionable projects of Sen. Cynthia Villar, her husband, former Sen. Manny Villar, Rep. Niel Tupas Jr. of Iloilo.

    The Villars are stalwarts of the Nacionalista Party, which is an ally of the President’s Liberal Party. Tupas is the LP’s secretary general.

    The BMP said Tupas’ PDAF went to sham non-governmental groups controlled by the Godofredo Roque Group.

    In its complaint against Tupas, the group said the congressman siphoned more than half a billion pesos for the Godofredo Roque group.

    Roque and his associates were able to receive P558 million for non-existent projects, the BMP said.

    “Tupas admitted to COA that he signed the documents that gave the NGOs controlled by the Godofredo Roque Group the authority to receive the amount through Special Allocation Release Orders [SARO],” the BMP said.

    Tupas was the lead prosecutor in the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

    The group said the congressman has betrayed the public trust on an even larger scale.

    BMP cited a COA report noting that in 2008, Tupas spent a total of P106 million in pork barrel funds, or P36 million in excess of that supposedly allotted for a congressman.

    In transactions involving Tupas, BMP alleged that the Roque group used two bogus companies under its control, J.L. Soriano Enterprises and C.C. Barredo Publishing House, to implement their “projects.”

    “We call on the Ombudsman to conduct a fair and impartial probe on all those implicated in the pork scam, especially those whose participation in this wholesale raid of the public treasury cannot be reasonably justified,” BMP National President Leody de Guzman said.

    The Villars, on the other hand, were allotted a total of P200 million in PDAF, for which they released a total of P168 million to soft projects in Las Piñas City from 2007 to 2009, the COA report said.

    The BMP said the COA declared the disbursement of P151 million to the Villars’ projects as illegal because they did not comply with all the requirements under the Government Procurement Reform Act (RA 9184) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.

    Enacted in 2003, the law created an electronic database, and required companies wishing to enter into government supply contracts to register.

    The electronic registry is meant to weed out delinquent suppliers.

    The COA noted that among the documents the Villars failed to submit are: Printouts of copies of Advertisement, Notice of Award, Notice to Proceed and Contract in the PhilGEPS; Printout of advertisement in the Las Piñas City website; Certification by the Head of BAC Secretariat of Las Piñas City as to the posting of the advertisements at conspicuous places; and, in applicable cases, and Proof of publication in newspaper of general nationwide circulation.

    “Even if the projects were completed and the intended beneficiaries actually received the benefits they needed, the mere failure to abide by the requirements of RA 9187 makes the entire disbursement illegal,” the BMP said.

    It pointed out that of the soft project disbursements, the Villars allocated just over P14
    million for the Congressional District Office of then Representative Cynthia Villar. BMP also said the Villars also allocated P34.16 million for medical and dental supplies to be administered by Sen. Manny Villar’s office. All told, almost P50 million personally passed through their hands as implementors.

    BMP noted that in pages 94 to 95 of the report, the COA noted that at least P690 thousand was spent on projects constructed inside the couple‘s private property. “While this is small change compared to the scale of the Villar’s pillage of the public treasury, it only goes to show the extent the Villars will go through to ensure continued patronage,” the BMP said.

    In other cases, the COA found that Manny and Cynthia Villar endorsed soft projects supplied by spurious suppliers, identified as those whose registrations, actual locations, or receipt printers could not be found. These suppliers received a total of P32.8 million.

    The COA called out Marilyn Commercial, Jawoprint Enterprises, Silveran General Merchandise, Vesta Industries, and Seandre Enterprises for not being found at their registered addresses.

    In particular, a search on the Internet for Seandre Enterprises linked the same to a certain Hershey Naldoza, who in her LinkedIn profile listed herself as a business partner of the Villars.

    The COA also noted that the following suppliers had no appropriate permits and did not confirm the transactions: Gelo’s Advertising Services, Dynamic DA Trading, Morseco Marketing Corp., NEN Construction and Trading Inc., Polo Blue Paint Center, RCG, Nico Diversified Trading, and Denies Marketing.

    The BMP said “the Ombudsman and de Lima should not allow the close relationship between the Villars and the administration as deodorant.”


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    1. Now let us see how honourable and sincere Secretary Leila de Lima and Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales are. The proverbial proof of the pie is in the eating. If indeed there is evidence of misdeeds in the part of the Villars und Tupas, then they too must be convicted and punished like Napoles, Enrile, Estrada, Revilla et al even if they belong to President Aquino’s camp. Another question is: where the President is concerned is this misdeed a question of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing or is this a case of benign approval?

    2. Rosauro Feliciano on

      Fellow Countrymen don’t be taken for a ride into believing that we now have an administration that goes after crooks in our midst. Of course we MUST be thankful that this incumbent has the all the WILLS where no one in the pasts had. We will only START believing when we will witness ourselves that people whose identities are blackened by corruptions will be behind bars. Therefore we still have a long wait to see that happen. A big MAYBE, not in our generation or another MAYBE when all these crooks among us will be flattened by natural calamities, then we can say, now at last they get their just punishments. Dios consiente pero no es para siempre.




    4. Does anybody knows the solution to this corruption. Seems like its an ongoing system in our government, it never end. Sana naman maawa kayo sa mga taong bayan na nagbabayad ng tax at sa mga mahihirap.

    5. iriga city boy on

      If these things did happen,this country has no hope to progress.There are so many ‘magnanakaws”.Now ,let me put a scenario:
      If the government moves in to arrest the original people in the anomaly,while new allegations to the allies of the administration are not being looked at,therefore some people will say ‘selective”justice.How if the original named people in the anomaly get into a certain place(say,a five star hotel),to evade arrest,make a stand, ask for people’s support to have the government
      investigate other politicians allied to the administration?How if they(originally named people) are armed
      ?And the only way to defuse the situation is have the government listen to their demand (of not having “selective justice”).Remember,some politicians have enormous power base,money ,sympathizers and goons.
      We might have a crisis!! Isasabi nila,lahat naman magnanakaw.Kaya dapat lahat imbestigahan.

    6. Excuse me, Jomar Canlas “Senior Reporter” GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT PLS.

      If you’re going to “research online” make sure they’re all FACTS AND ARE PROVEN.

      “Hershey Naldoza” is NOT Villar’s business partner, but an outside supplier of corporate giveaways (e.g. banners, mugs, etc.) YEARS AGO because her business is a personalized printing business hence Seandre Enterprises. WHY DID YOU NOT VERIFY? DID YOU EVEN CONTACT “HERSHEY NALDOZA” TO VERIFY IF SHE’S A “BUSINESS PARTNER?”

      You can’t just assume. You can be charged of LIBEL for publishing and ACCUSING an INNOCENT NAME.

      As a journalist, you NEED TO HAVE MEDIA ETHICS. You can’t just use people’s names just to get “a story.”

      No story is worth bring an innocent name down.

    7. In fairness to Pnoy hindi naman siguro nagpoprotekta s mga aliyados niya e may departamento naman na dapat uusig sa mga kurakot, yung ibang administrasyon walang nakalabas na balita o kaso tungkol dito,ngayon lang.Kahit na nakita ng mga sangay ang katiwalian noon,pangaalagaan parin nila ang buhay nila.Ang malaking tanong”ano ang ginawa ng mga watch dog kuno noon,bakit tahimik sila? Ngayon lang lumabas under Pnoy bakit mali pa rin si Pnoy sa tingin ng mga watch dog o watch tao?

    8. I’m just wondering why alot of people still hoping that there are good politicians . The main reason kung bakit yan nasa government para legal gagawing pagnanakaw .They want fame , fortune, power and last immunity .

    9. Ang problema kasi sa ating gobyerno huling huli na at alam na alam nang magnanakaw yung mga politico di pa rin makasuhan. Madami sanang tao na makikinabang di lang mahihirap sa mga ninanakaw na pera sa gobyerno. Dapat talaga may grupong mag firing squad sa mga ito, iparada sa Luneta tapos barilin para maubos na itong mga makakapal ang mga pagmumuka sa pangungurakot. Makunsensya naman kayo sa pinag gagawa nyo mga walang takot sa dyos…

      • virginia guevara on

        Sagad sa buto ng mga “Poly Tecs” ang Corruption! Its their pastime. Sana makita yan ng panginoon at gawin ang tama.

    10. Edgardo Bermudo on

      Kinakarma na siguro yonng nag pindown kay CJ Renato Corona, They are the false
      witnesses of the powerless people. The President is responsible for all the bribes
      he took from taxpayers money to please all his Congress and other cohorts in the impeachment trial. The Bible clearly states: Men who bear false witness against their innocent brothers will
      surely receive punishment in hell. Now it has become clearer that former CJ Corona
      is a big victim of injustice played by money hungry politicians. Kaya, wala na talagang
      pag-asang uunlad pa ang Pilipinas. Akala ko pa naman, pupunta na tayo sa tuwid na daan….yon pala sa malalim na bangin pala ang babagsakan natin.

      • This anomalies if proven right happened during GMA’s time. PNoy should not be implicated on this. It would be malicious if people will just accused PNoy as the most corrupt president in the Philippines w/o solid basis. Corona on the hand is proven corrupt and its just good for him being weeded out from the judiciary. There would be no exemption and we should not be selective in weeding out the crooks may it from judiciary, legislative or executive branch.

      • CharlieBrownout on

        Corrupt yang si Corona kaya dapat lang ma-impeach at matanggal sa pwesto. Dapat ngang makulong pa nga.

      • virginia guevara on

        wonder how many more surprises to come? The Phil is like Hell with these “Rouges in Robes”!

    11. Heto na naglalabasan na ang mga multo sa closet i Pnoy….the MOST CORRUPTpresident. ever!

      Now that the PDAF has been finally eclared UNCONSTUTIONAL, let us not be fooled into preserving the presidential pork and DAP…

      Clean the system NOW, and keep this momentum….bravo for this expose!

      • CharlieBrownout on

        Wala ng tatalo pa kay Marcos (#1) at kay Arroyo (#2). Billion dollars ang ninakaw nitong dalawang hinayupak. Iba pa yung ninakaw ng kanilang asawa.

    12. as what most people had been saying… these crooks are birds of the same feather: the president; the vice-president; all the senators; all the congressmen; all the local government units; down to the barangay level!!!

      kaya di makabangon ang pilipinas kahit sinong umupo sa luklukan… puro pagnanakaw sa kaban-ng-bayan ang inatupag ng mga kawatan na ito!!!

    13. Why you people, citizens of the Republic of the Philippines tolerate these bunch and horde of CROOKS rule the land, impose their will upon you all, impose and require you to pay your taxes in timely manner out of your hard earned money toiled from blood, sweat and tears of hard work – , domestic, and foreign bondage of servitude –
      ONLY to steal the very same money contributions you contributed – for the welfare of the country and services you expect in return – By these A$$holes Magnanakaws- Tulisanes-Garapales, Callous souls politicians and Gov’t Officials you respectfully address as Honorables…then, there must be something wrong…Rise up, wake up ,People. The Crooked System needs to be overhauled with a united People’s Initiative. Abolish your Tulisan-infested Senate and House of the blood-sucking LEECHES Congressmen. Re assert your stature as the real Boss, not the impostor Wang-wang mentally retard but politically smart aleck , Tagalog-kuno talking Aquino.

      To be fooled, and get fooled every now and then, is tantamount to an admission that you accept your fate as willing sacrificial lambs so this rotten system devours you all…fodder for their political agendas, admin after admin – regime after regime – in that Malacanang’s debilitating political debaucherrry – the world renown rotten Philippine style politics. No wonder RP is the laughing stock of SE Asia, the rest of Asia, and the rest of the politically mature, progressive, and industrialized Global community.

      And the Global community comes to aid the Filipino people in time of Tragedy, – for they know her Leaders are the very same oppressors of their own people, how incompetent their government is, by design and its very nature of hard core rotten-ness – like an illness with absolutely no CURE. What these various Govts pour in aid is just is merely a band aid application to a bigger disease beyond Cancer.

    14. Do you think the Secretary of Justice and Ombudsman Morales will investigate Senators Villar (husband and wife) and Congressman Tupas – no way. They can not do that, Parang kumuha sila ng bato at pinokpok sa ulo nila. If they do that, they (Secretary/Ombudsman) will spill the beans – gulo, labolabo na.

      I believe, they will protect the President from being implicated directly or indirectly, “comes hell on high water”.

    15. Niel Tupaz siphoned off HALF A BILLION PESOS in ghost projects!

      Niel Tupaz is the Secretary General of BS AQUINO’s ruling LAZY PIGS/ LAGING PALPAK (LP) party.

      That sums it all up for the LIBERAL PARTY!

    16. Roldan Guerrero on

      I will only be convinced that Pinoy is really truthful of his words in getting the crooks if he stops protecting his corrupt allies. Why are Porky LOLONG Drilon, Allan BOY KURYENTE CAWATANO, Loren PARO-PARO Legarda and The Traitor Trillanes de Ladrones untouched until now? Very soon PANOT will also be on the line with these croates as his hidden illegal activities are slowly coming out.

      • Roldan Guerrero, i will appreciate if you can walk your talk. File a case against these people you accused and provide evidence. You may also give your compiled evidences to any civil society groups for them to do the filing of the complaint.

    17. Simon Benigno Arroyo on

      Whatever the accusation is? At least the Pan-dak Gloria box is opened.
      Now, we know the evil things kept in the box during her safe keeping.
      Siyenpre tatamaan si Pinoy, dahil iba sa tao niya ay dating na kay Pan-dak, na bumalimbing at sumisipsip.
      After the “Pork Barrel” the citizenry and masses should be mobilize, for the passage of FOI bill.

    18. Tupaz at Villar ay mga untouchables hanggang si Pnoy ay nakapwesto. Tuloy ang ligaya ng mga ito at tanging batas ng Kalikasan at ng Diyos Amang Makapangyarihan ang walang pasubali na huhusga sa kanila any moment in time.

    19. mrs villar has been so controversial against professional nurses because of her disrespect to the noble job this profession has been rendering but still people have voted her to secure a post in the senate. her campaign strategy might gave her an edge but theres always an end for this like…how can these people live peacefully after stealing or taking advantage that hard earned money of the tax payers? just wondering?

    20. Ruffy Calibugan on

      So it looks that the Government could have saved a lot if CJ Corona remained as CJ.
      He was “Not A Thief” after all only that he didn’t declare all of his wealth in his SALN.
      Now, to get him impeached, the administration spent millions of Incentives/Bribes.
      In addition they let loose of the Political Allies to pocket another millions in Pork undeterred. In short, the problem was solved with yet another much bigger problem.
      The question: What benefit the Government got to impeach Ex-CJ Corona?

      • Simon Benigno Arroyo on

        Pre, ang nagnakaw kahit singko o billion ay magnanakaw pa rin.
        Ang “white lie” ay pagsisinungaling pa rin, kahit baligtarin pa.
        Si Corana ay Thief Justice pa rin sa akin paniwala. Nabisto yung mga lipak-lipak na dolyar.

      • Roldan Guerrero on

        NO it was not and it was only advantageous to the PORK BARREL KING since his goal is to install an equally incompetent Chief Justice just like him as an obvious move to fortify his security once he gets down from position. But all of his efforts might be in vain as Sereno voted to kill the PDAF. Just like what happened to all former Presidents, betrayal will exist. His allies whom he is protecting now will be the ones to hang him. Sabi nga nila sa salitang tagalog: Si Marcos na napakatalino ay bumagsak….ang isang BOBO pa kaya?

      • Corona WAS a thief, and a lot of things other than that. You’ve got your logic all screwed up. That the “allies” of the current administration are themselves crooks does not excuse him of his actions or make him any less guilty than his accusers. He simply became vulnerable to impeachment because his benefactor is no longer in power. Just because Tom may be guilty of the things Harry is accused of does not mean that Harry is automatically innocent.
        That the people being accused of wrongdoing now are affiliated with the present administration means almost nothing. Filipino politicians are particularly well known for being turncoats and a lot of them have switched allegiances multiple times in their career. A good handful of those closely identified with aquino now were formerly allied to the previous president.
        How did the government benefit from the Corona impeachment? For one, there is a greater chance that charges against ex president Arroyo may actually be decided in a fair manner. Corona, in his short stint as the Chief Justice has shown obvious partiality to his former benefactor. His removal from office hopefully also put the fear in other politicians and government employees’ hearts that no one is safe from the reach of the law and make them think twice before committing any further crime.

      • what benefit? atleast one corrupt men was taken away from the branch of government that is the benefit…..

    21. “New pork scam boss bared” by Jomar Canlas did not keep it’s promise. I thought another possible ringleader of the PDAF scam in lieu or in league with former Senate President Enrile was going to be “bared.” Instead the story only revealed that a militant (leftwing?) group has sent letters to the Justice Secretary and to the Ombudsman to prosecute President Aquino’s and Speaker Belmonte’s Chief Lackey in the impeachment of ousted Chief :Justice Rene Corona, Rep. Neil Tupas, and Senator Cynthia Villar and formr senator Manny Villar.

      The media, the honest and patriotic politicians should heed the calls of former national treasurer Leonor “Liling” Magtolis Briones and Social Watch Philippines/Alternative Budget Initiative.

      SWP/ABI has called the High Court decisions against PDAF “another rainbow after deluge.”

      Manila Times columnist Briones is the SWP lead convenor,. “This is the chance for the Presidency to use more public funds to implement more intense and swift actions in helping the victims of super typhoon Yolanda recover from the trauma and regain their lives/”
      She and SWP/ABI urge Malacanang and Congress to put portions of the P25 billion pork barrel funds into national government agency programs for climate change resilience such as the alternative budget proposals of the ABI for 2014.

    22. Comment about your Nov 23 Saturday p1 headline news “New pork scam boss bared” by Jomar Canlas:
      Yes, Madam Justice Secretary De Lima and Madam Ombudsman Carpio-Morales, please investigate Congressman Neil Tupas’ and Senator Cynthia Villar and former senator Manuel Villar on their participation and benefits from the pork barrel scam of Mrs. Janet Lim Napoles.
      Tupas was one of President BS Aquino’s hatchetmen, officially the lead executioner of PNoy, against Chief Justice Renato Corona. The Villars are known supporters of PNoy and his hypocritical band in control of two branches of government.
      Like the Supreme Court justices, the Commission on Audit should now boldly do its work for the nation and the Philippine Republic. It should, like the High Court justices, reveal all the corrupt, unjust and anti-poor dealings of BS Aquino’s allies who made money with Napoles using fake NGOs and non-existent groups.

    23. Tupas smelled fishy from the very beginning. Designated Pnoy attack dog who built a mansion. Same with the balimbing Villars.

    24. They may also be involved in landgrabbing. They should likewise investigate their real estate transactions if all of these are all above board. There might be some hocus-pocus involved in some of it, maybe in connivance with some city assessors and Bu. of Land people.

    25. Kayo ang Boss Ko! on

      Lumabas na ang kakapalan ng mga mukha ng mga kolokoy na ito!
      Si Villar na tiniis lahat ng batikos sa kanya ng administration during the campaign period at ng natalo, nakisama pa sa mga gunggong na Abnoy na ito…masama pala ang motibo, para makaiwas sa kaso, sumama sa mga kaaway nila dati.
      Ito namang si Tupas na akala natin ay matino kung makaasta (bobong abogado naman) sa impeachment na wala siyang tinatagong kagapaln at pagnanakaw, na kitang kita naman ngayon Versus sa mga aleggation against the Coronas’ eh ano ngayon ang mapapala mo! Mga makakapal at walang takot sa mga masamang gawain, sanay na kasi eh…kaya ngayon, sagutin nyo yan at wag sabihin na may kasamang politika ang pagnanakaw ninyong mga hayop kayo.
      Alam namin na katakot takot na palusot ang iimbentuhan ninyo tulad ng accusation ninyo kay Corona. Mag lintik kayo, mga garapal at ang kabang-yaman ng bayan, akala ninyo inyo! Peste at linta!

    26. HERE WE GO AGAIN. And to think that as per this article this happened during the Arroyo administration where the Pork made available were not as much as during the time of King PNoy. How much money did the wife of Andres de Saya, Andres de Saya himself and that squeaking thief and corrupt Iloilo representative made and continue to make during this PNoy administration will be hard to imagine.

    27. If this is not selective justice under the Pnoy TUWID NA DAAN policy, then, how will you call it? Why the Villars and Neil Tupas have not been charged?

      • santiago caisido on

        Basta myembro ka ng KKK abswelto ka walang kaso. To the ombudsman please do your job kasuhan yang mga yan.

    28. And there will be more. Go over the list of senators and congressperson that received incentives from DAP and quite a few allies of the administration could also become the subject of plunder complaints or malversation. In the case of the Villars’ no wonder they are very quiet saying nothing about the pork. This is also true and could point to those senators and congresspersons who looted the money of the people. Notice how quiet they are. They don’t want to do any stirring lest attention be fall them..Like the Villars; silence is a manifestation of guilt. Ang akala nila Villar yong pera nang bayan kanila na paglalaruan lang sa billiaran. As to Tupas, I guarantee you, he has no explanation but if the head of the Roque group will be indicted, to save his neck, he will turn state witness, and bam, there goes Tupas and Drilon. Anak nang tupa naman.

    29. I commend the Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) for bringing out
      the allies of Aquino who seem to have been amptly protected by this administration.
      It is crystal clear that what has been pursued by Aquino and his lapdogs the
      COA and the DOJ are only the oppositions who are perceived to be his enemies.
      What kind of justice we have now in this country? Ano ba ito? What about Drilon
      who had been circumventing the laws just to squander taxpayers money? Ganoon
      na lang ba yon? Unconstitutional, the Supreme Courts says. So, dapat din
      maparusahan sila.