New retrofit tire pressure monitoring device launched


HAVING the correct tire pressure saves on fuel, helps protect one’s life by avoiding tire bursts or slides on wet and slippery pavement, and also prolongs the life of tires.

With this in mind, Healthy Living Inc. has introduced a way to help increase awareness on tire pressure level by bringing in the Nannar Tire Pressure Monitoring LED Smart cap (TPMS). Once installed, TPMS alerts if a tire’s air pressure goes down by a point.

Richmond Telebangco, a car enthusiast, said having the gadget for tires is a good investment intended for safety and tire condition.

“This is a must for every motorist. Considering that my wife usually brings our car to our kid’s school, run errands, buy groceries and other things needed for our small business, being paranoid about correct tire pressure should be the least of our worries,” Telebangco said.

“And to top it all of, of all, your tires will have longer tread life. This gadget does wonders for vehicles,” he added.

The tire pressure-monitoring device works around the clock, is maintenance-free, economic, self-calibrating and has a light that flashes when the tire is under-inflated. The device is 100-percent self-contained as it has batteries that are good for approximately three years, and which can be replaced. Built to withstand the toughest situations on the road, the TPMS is made of stainless steel with clear polycarbonate that withstands all traditional cleaning solvents.

When the TPMS cap is first placed on the tire’s valve stem, it will “memorize” the tire pressure and will then be calibrated for life. It is easy to use and does not require technical knowledge. A set of four TPMS caps can be installed in just a few seconds and will not require a trained technician.

The LED-lighted TPMS caps can fit in any vehicle, from SUVs that have a pressure range of 10psi to 70psi, to trucks and other heavy vehicles that have a of pressure range 60psi to 170psi. Most car tires’ tire pressure levels range only from 28psi to 34psi.


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