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There are so much more to just school uniforms and old basic separates, especially for those studying to be in creative fields. And it makes sense, considering they’re surrounded by artistry and innovation. If there’s one place to dress up in the most unexpected way, it’s design school. So that’s where THELOOKBOOK went to explore the many facets of personal style.

And if there is a group to individuals who would most likely have distinct and fully realized personal styles, it would be design students. Here, we feature select students from the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts who embody the ideals of personal style: independent of trends, opting for different and expressive instead of safe, and not afraid to go against the tide.

There’s definitely nothing old school about this bunch as they break the rules and turn the school’s corridors into their personal runway.

“To be honest, I don’t know what’s my fashion style, though I have this thought that everyday is a fashion runway in a way that whatever I will wear, I must know how to ramp it. Laid back, boyish look, girly look (rare), sometimes ’90s feels are comfy outfits for me. Depends on what I feel to wear on that day or where will I go. My go-to clothes are all in black or denim, I don’t know but for me it’s the safest outfit. Usually, I go with oversized clothes. They’re comfortable to wear.” ALLY ACUÑA, 22, AB MULTIMEDIA ARTS

“ I believe that whatever you wear on the outside is a reflection of who you are or what you feel on the inside.” CAMILLE LINAO, 20, AB FASHION DESIGN AND MERCHANDISING

“ My sense of style has always been heavily influenced by Japanese fashion, the laid back and comfortable one. I’m also into Korean fashion so I tried to mix and match the two. I’m a fan of hair dyes as well so I kind of pattern the clothes I wear to my hair color.” ISABEL LU, AB PHOTOGRAPHY

“I guess the clothes I wear depend on my mood for that day so as much as possible, I try to choose pieces that makes me feel comfortable and at the same time reflect how I feel.” JULIAN DELOS SANTOS, 20, AB ARTS MANAGEMENT

“I am mostly influenced by street culture. After graduating from middle school in Korea, I came to the Philippines and was inspired by hiphop music, and it even influenced me to pursue fashion. I always loved to express myself and the means to that is through music and fashion.” NOEL AN, 25, AB FASHION DESIGN AND MERCHANDISING

“My style varies depending on my mood. But my go-to style is elegant and classic, which reflects my personality.” KRISTINA ANGELES, 19, BS HOTEL AND RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT

“The way a person dresses is an extension of who they are — it’s how they would like to be perceived by the world. Somewhat a personification of who or what they’re trying to become.” ROD RODRIGUEZ MALANAO, 21, AB FASHION DESIGN AND MERCHANDISING


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