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    THE Manila Times occasionally updates its page contents to accommodate more stories. This year, the country’s oldest English-language daily newspaper stepped up its coverage by adding new sections to reach out to a wider audience.


    An authentic portrait of power
    The Manila Times’ newest section – made its debut on May 19, 2017 with Jaime Bautista, president and COO of Philippine Airlines, as its first top-level executive interviewee.

    Bautista sent a text message to the newspaper after the article was published, saying he, his wife Joji and daughter Jaime were thrilled with the piece, and even his relatives sent him messages throughout the day congratulating him. It was gratifying to learn that BRW had been able to capture an authentic, albeit compact, portrait of one of the corporate world’s most admired individuals.

    And that is the aim of each BRW feature that rolls out every Friday.

    The BRW marketing director, Jocelyn Domingo, explains: “While the section’s name speaks in a serious business tone, BoardRoom Watch actually offers its readers an honest, a more personal and a practical take on the movers and shakers of the country’s socio-economic, business and political affairs.

    “For marketers or advertisers, BRW is a pull-out section envisioned as a ‘magazine’ in broadsheet format, providing them with a unique communication platform for their ‘brand stories’ to be told.”

    Helping to execute the section’s savvy look and character are photographer Harvey Tapan, whose unique eye has yielded unusual angles, and designer Jose Ricardo Velarde, who has been able to create on the large layout spaces – pages 1 and 4 – a visual narrative that is rich in arrestingly large images and innovative info sidebars.

    Under Velarde’s deft hand, the inside pages 2 and 3, which make up the sub-section Objects of Desire starring the hottest branded accessories and services, reflect Style with a capital S.

    Leading busy and dynamic lives, BRW subjects are not always the easiest to pin down. But when the section is finally able to collar them, the conversations with this bunch of achievers are colorful and interesting, if not revealing. Who would have imagined that the “Tiger Lady” of Destileria Limtuaco, Olivia Limpe-Aw, thought she was “the ugliest” in her family of seven sisters? Or that The French Baker’s Johnlu Koa in the business’ early days would man the delivery truck at 3 am if the driver failed to show up? Such snippets and many more we also picked up from mavericks like Paco Magsaysay of Carmen’s Best, Tom Navasero of Phil Lab, Glen Yu of Sea Oil, Alejandra Clemente of Rajah Tours, celebrity chef Gaita Fores, renowned glass sculptor Ramon Orlina, Mr. Hopia, Gerry Chua, Dioceldo and Denice Sy of Ever Bilena, Cora Guidote of SM Investments, Luisito Pineda of IBM Philippines, Mae Velilla of Nutramedica, Nonoy Quimbo of Novellino Wines, Gener Dungo of Waste Management Inc., Vicente Ongtenco of Motortrade and Inanc Balci of Lazada Philippines.

    But more important, BRW gained valuable insights on what makes these great entrepreneurial minds tick – hard work (always hard work) and dedication. How reassuring and to know that some things in life do not change.


    * * *

    Golf Times, must read for golf aficionados

    GOLF TIMES, the new golf section of The Manila Times, serves as a conduit of information between local golf organizations and Filipino golf aficionados, making sure that the latter are constantly updated on what is happening in the sport. Coming out every Sunday, the four-paged section features pro and amateur tournament results, tips on how to improve one’s game, equipment review, golf apparel, rankings, etc.

    The section’s featured columnist is veteran writer and instructor Buddy de Joya.

    De Joya, who has been a professional golf instructor for 19 years, is a former contributing writer to Golf Digest Philippines and Golf Magazine Asia. He discusses important issues about the sport in his column Minding Golf, and shares his wisdom as a seasoned coach via instructional articles.

    The section aims to provide all relevant information about golf that is often referred to as the “Gentleman’s Game.”

    PERRY GIL MALLARI, Sports Editor

    * * *

    Empowering the youth

    ADDED to the host of interactive and up-to-date segments of The Manila Times is the Education section.

    Apart from The Manila Times College, which supports aspiring journalists to reach their full potential, The Times Education section began offering a space for students when it was launched in February 2017.

    As part of the daily newspaper’s campaign for literacy and competence, the Education section invites students to contribute news articles and features. It also welcomes informative write-ups from the representatives of various educational institutions in the country, as it rolls out every Thursday.

    The section is supervised by the former president of The Manila Times College.

    Aside from presenting the articles given by contributing students, it also highlights the works of the nationally awarded writer-editor and internationally acclaimed corporate communicator Jose Carillo.

    Through his column entitled English Plain and Simple, which was derived from the book he published in 2004, Carillo encourages all young and aspiring journalists to contribute to The Manila Times Education section.

    A staunch education advocate, he distills his experiences and knowledge through narratives published in the Education section.

    The Manila Times not only offers itself as a platform for society’s watchdogs but also continues to prove that students are among the country’s best resources that the country needs to invest in—the reason why the public needs to hear their voices.



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